Our Exhibitors

Company Name Logo Website Country Booth
ACST GmbH   https://acst.de/ Germany N° 2
Active Fiber Systems GmbH   https://www.afs-jena.de/ Germany N° 3
The mission of Active Fiber Systems GmbH (AFS) is to transfer experimental results to reliable laser systems suitable for scientific and industrial applications. Among the remarkable features of AFS's pulsed fiber lasers are their compact dimensions, considerably reduced production costs as well as flexible and outstanding laser parameters, which can be customized.
ADVANTEST Corporation   https://www.advantest.com/ Japan N° 4
Amplitude https://amplitude-laser.com/ France N° 23
Bakman Technologies https://www.bakmantechnologies.com USA N° 16
Daheng New Epoch Tecnology, Inc http://www.cdhoptics.com/ China N° 25
Fraunhofer ITWM / Das Nano



Germany N° 22
At the Materials Characterization and Testing department of Fraunhofer ITWM, we develop non-destructive and contact-free measurement methods, which are optimized for application in production lines and enable reliable process control. Our core technologies are terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and frequency-modulated continuous wave systems, which we both apply mainly, but not exclusively, to layer-thickness measurement tasks. Modern photonic and electronic approaches are investigated in our department aiming for improvement of measurement and economic effectiveness. Our project partner das-Nano, founded in 2012, is a company dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of technological solutions based on biometrics and applications of non-destructive inspection based on terahertz waves. Das-Nano’s team boasts world-leading scientists with a long track-record in scientific research, technological and international business. Das Nano's technology provides cutting-edge solutions and is harnessing the power of terahertz waves to bring new applications e.g. to the automotive, aerospace, windpower and research industries.
i2S   https://www.i2s.fr/en France N° 13
As a specialist in image capture and processing, i2S has been helping its customers to take up their most complex challenges using innovative imaging in the industrial, medical and wellness fields. For nearly 40 years, i2S offer integrated and enhanced vision systems continuously enriched by new capture and image processing technologies. Always at the cutting-edge technology, i2S presents at IRMMW-THz its brand-new development, the real time microbolometric Terahertz camera: the TZcam. The combination of high resolution and high sensitivity features of TZcam allows the acquisition of high quality 2D images at real time mode. With broadband detection and uncooled operability, the TZcam is a perfect plug and play tool for Laboratories and R&D institutions who carry out research in THz field and explore THz potential in various applications: THz source characterization, medical imaging, non-destructive testing, oncology, etc. See what the eye cannot with TZcam!
INO   Canada N° 11
INO offers the MICROXCAM-384i-THz camera which can acquire high resolution images of 384 x 288 pixels in real time, saving both 16-bit raw and 8 bit-final image outputs. In addition, INO has F/0.7 ultrafast THz optics providing superior image sharpness . Last but not least, INO has 2 THz illumination systems giving you a near flat-top illumination surface of 4.5 x 6 inches.
Institute for Photon Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo Japan N° 27
Light Conversion Lithuania N° 9
For 25 years, Light Conversion has built its strength in the field of femtosecond technology. The company is pioneer and worldwide leader of wavelength tunable femtosecond laser sources based on TOPAS and ORPHEUS series of optical parametric amplifiers as well as diode pumped solid state femtosecond lasers PHAROS and CARBIDE.
LongWave Photonics https://longwavephotonics.com/ United States N° 20
Luvitera http://www.luvitera.com/ Lithuania N° 21
The main activity of Luvitera is the development of innovative technologies and products for terahertz photonics, imaging and spectroscopy, both for scientific laboratories and industry. Luvitera produces broadband and wavelength-selective micro-bolometer arrays, to measure spatial terahertz beam profiles of various terahertz sources. The company offers an antenna-coupled titanium microbolometers and scanners as sensitive room temperature terahertz detectors and imagers, THz optics. The company’s components can be integrated into customized security and diagnostic systems.
Lytid   http://lytid.com/ France N° 5, 6
Lytid is a Paris based company developing, manufacturing and commercializing advanced photonic technologies for scientific and industrial applications. Lytid's main core technologies are the Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL), the Quantum Well Infrared Photodector (QWIP) and THz Schottky diodes. Lytid is the only company in the world to offer high-power, tunable, continuous wave terahertz sources ranging from 0.1THz to 5THz. Lytid is open to technology transfer proposal and collaborates actively with the community through projects like "THOR" of the H2020 OPEN FET program
Menlo Systems GmbH 
https://www.menlosystems.com/ Germany N° 24
Menlo Systems GmbH is a leading developer and global supplier of instrumentation for high-precision metrology. The company with headquarters in Martinsried near Munich is known for its Nobel Prize winning optical frequency comb technology. With subsidiaries in the US and China and a global distributor network, Menlo Systems is closely connected to its customers from science and industry. The main product lines are optical frequency combs, time and frequency distribution, terahertz systems, ultrafast and ultrastable lasers, and corresponding control electronics. Besides standard production, Menlo Systems develops and manufactures custom made solutions for laser-based precision measurements.
Opton Laser International / Toptica  



France N° 10
Owing to a long-standing background in diode and fiber laser technologies, TOPTICA Photonics has become one of the most successful suppliers of terahertz instrumentation world-wide. Ultrafast fiber lasers form the basis of the time-domain systems TeraFlash pro and TeraFlash smart, and precisely tunable diode lasers lie at the heart of the frequency-domain platform TeraScan. In more than 30 countries around the globe, TOPTICA’s terahertz customers engage in fields as diverse as trace-gas sensing and low-temperature physics, the development and characterization of metamaterials and micro-optics, material inspection, layer thickness measurements and terahertz communication.
Protemics GmbH    https://www.protemics.com Germany N° 19
Protemics is an innovative provider of terahertz near-field imaging sensors, systems and services for non-destructive testing and Terahertz research applications. The privately held spin-off of the research company AMO GmbH and the Institute of Semiconductor Electronics (RWTH Aachen University) picks-up on a back-ground of two decades in Terahertz technology research. Protemics incorporates an interdisciplinary team of specialists in Terahertz technology, semiconductor processing, optoelectronic system and software design, application engineering and business development. Our products and services are based on pioneering technologies in the range of ultra-fast photoconductive Terahertz microprobe devices for non-destructive testing applications. We stand for innovative custom oriented products and services with world-leading performance offered in short turnaround time.
QMC Instruments Ltd   http://www.terahertz.co.uk/ United Kingdom N° 17
Rainbow Photonics www.rainbowphotonics.com Switzerland N° 29
Rainbow Photonics Ltd. offers unique terahertz instruments featuring wide bandwidth and tunability between 1 – 20 THz, and terahertz components for THz generation and detection based on proprietary novel organic crystals (DSTMS, OH1, DAST) developed by Rainbow Photonics founders. Our compact turn-key, broadband TDS - THz spectrometers: TeraSys® - ULTRA, TeraSys® - AIO, TeraIMAGE®, and the unique TeraTune® offer solutions to THz spectroscopy and imaging in transmission and reflection. Our highly stable organic crystals are also well suited for other ultrafast electro-optical and nonlinear optical applications. Rainbow Photonics Ltd. is the first Swiss company offering THz technology and it is the pioneer in broadband THz, which has been based on our organic materials since 2005.
TECH-INTER   https://www.tech-inter.eu/ France N° 18
Tech-Inter is a specialized sales company in the field of RF, Microwave, Millimeterwave and THz with offices located both in France and Germany. Tech-Inter represents major suppliers from USA, Europe and Far East in France, Germany, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.
Tech-Inter acts as representative, distributor or added value reseller. Our target is to be a full and competent service provider for our customer, having not short sighted profits but long term revenue streams and mutual benefits in mind. Established in 1993, Tech-Inter offers you more than 20 years of hands-on experience for Military, Industrial, Space and Research applications. Our team will be pleased to support you by defining the best solution to your needs in terms of performance, cost and delivery.
TeraMetrix   https://lunainc.com/thz/ United States N° 28
Terasense Group Inc.   http://terasense.com/ United States N° 26
TeraView   https://teraview.com/ United Kingdom N° 14, 15
Tydex   http://www.tydexoptics.com/ Russia N° 7
TYDEX is a private company founded by research physicists in 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The company specializes in custom manufacturing of optical components and instruments for research and industry, including spectroscopy, pyrometry and thermography, THz photonics, sensors and detectors, metrology, lasers, and more. For THz Photonics we develop and produce  Golay Detectors, THz Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometers, Pulsed Terahertz Spectrometers,  Lock-in Amplifiers, THz Impulse Radiation Detectors and Electro-Optical Detectors, and a  wide range of THz optical components: low pass and band pass filters, polarizers, attenuators, windows, lenses, mirrors, splitters, waveplates, spectral splitters, beam splitters  and more.


France N° 8
Vmicro SAS    http://vmicro.fr/ France N° 12
Vmicro is company specialized in sensors, MEMS, micro-nanosystems, and clean-room fabrication. Vmicro is manufacturing near-field probes based on a new vertical concept unlocking AFM and SNOM applications in the IR and THz range. The company offers on-demand micro and nanofabrication services: e-beam/optical lithography, plasma etching, and many others process sequences applicable to photonics were advanced design rules are required.
Zurich Instruments AG   https://www.zhinst.com/ Switzerland N° 1


IEMN Vectorial THz transmission based on IEMN UTC-PD and GaAs Schottky mixer N° 30
PSL Ultra High Dynamic Range Low Noise in GaAs Infr-Red Camera. First Application in THz/SWIR miwing_waves N° 31



The IRMMW-THz 2019 exhibition is a great opportunity for your company or organisation to

  • present and highlight the latest products and innovations in the millimetre, terahertz and infrared spectral region waves (instruments, equipment, software, services…)
  • maintain or raise your profile
  • display and promote your products, services or network
  • and generate new business leads

General configuration of Maison de la Chimie, Conference center

First floor
- second part of the exhibition: in the Foyer, in front of the Amphitheatre entrance
- blue: rooms for parallel sessions
- light blue: Lavoisier amphitheater
(plenary and parallel sessions)
- light grey: meeting room

- 31 equipped booths of 6 m2
- Conveniently located secured area near registration desk and meeting rooms
- In order to emphasize the importance of the exhibition and to improve the contact between the exhibitors and potential customers and partners, poster sessions and main part of the social program (welcome reception, coffee breaks & lunchs) will be held within the exhibition area.
Ground floor
- grey: exhibition & posters / coffee & lunch
- blue: little amphitheater (parallel sessions)
- green: interior garden
- violet: entrance & registration desk

Exhibition map 1st floor

BOOTH DESCRIPTION - Each exhibitor will be provided with ADDITIONAL BENEFITS
- a floor space of 6m² with carpet
- 1, 2 or 3 side panels (as desired)
- double sided high sign
- power supply 2 kW (222V/50Hz)
- 1 two lights bar
- 1 table and 3 chairs
- wireless internet access
Additionnal furniture available to order directly toward our provider.
- 1 conference badge
- On the conference website: your logo, a short text
presentation and a link towards the website of your company
- Your logo in the dedicated page of the paper program
- 2 free admission tickets for the exhibition by day (nominative)

Basic Package, 1 booth: 2 900 € + VAT
Double booth: 5 600 € + VAT

Exhibitor space is limited and is available on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. VAT is charged at the prevailing rate.
The exhibition will open on Sunday 1st September 2019, evening and will close Thursday, 5 September at 7:30 pm.
Installation on Sunday 1st September afternoon.


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  • Exhibitors: You cannot send your material to the venue, Maison de la Chimie - Goods must be delivered during the delivery schedule of IRMMW-THz 2019 Paris. They will not be accepted if delivered outside the delivery schedule.
  • Sponsors: Reception period for flyers at Maison de la Chimie : Monday 26 - Thursday 29 August 2019

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We look forward to welcoming you to Paris!

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