This is not the finalized version. We are compiling the final program including time schedules, list of co-authors, affiliations and presenting authors.

       MONDAY 2 September     


4396249 Response Of Strongly Nonequilibrium Plasma Created By High Power Short UV Laser Pulse In Rare Gases To THz Frequency Band Emission Popov
4411262 A Coherent Smith-Purcell Radiation Source: Design Considerations For A High Power Tunable Source Of Terahertz Radiation Zhang
4419846 Terahertz Plasmonic Photocurrents In Graphene Nanostructures Popov
4423402 Ionic Current In Superionic Conductor Na+ Beta-Alumina Induced By Terahertz Electric Fields Minami
4423893 Intersubband Terahertz Emission From Coupled GaAs/AlGaAs Double Quantum Wells Under Interband Photoexcitation Andrianov
4425556 High Cubic Nonlinearity Of Liquids In The Broadband THz Spectral Range Zhukova
4426150 High Conversion Efficiency In The System "Nonlinear-Optical Crystal Partially Filling The Cross Section Of A Rectangular Waveguide" Nikoghosyan
4428332 Refractive Index Modulation Induced By High-Intensity THz Radiation Almassarani
4429849 Terahertz Wave Generation Using Single Or Few-Cycle Laser Pulses In A Gaseous Medium Shrestha
4431186 Intraband Ultrafast Terahertz Conductivity Dynamics In Graphene zhang
4431267 3-D Calculations Of Terahertz Generation In The Tilted-pulse-front Scheme Wang
4431783 Simulation Of A THz Sheet Beam Cyclotron Resonance Staggered Double Grating Traveling Wave Tube fan
4431870 Strong Carrier Temperature Dependence Of Complex THz Conductivity
of Photo-excited Graphene
4432199 Anisotropic MagnetoResistance Of 3d Ferromagnetic Metals Observed by THz—TDS Park
4432255 Terahertz Time-Domain Polarimetry Of Carbon Nanomaterials Kvitsinskiy
4432614 Transmission Properties Of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides And Modified Graphene Thin Films In Visible NIR And THz Frequency Ranges Zhukova
4433308 The Fundamental Terahertz Mode Of L-Alanine: Strong Narrowing Greater Symmetry And Small And Non-Uniform Shift As Temperature Is Reduced Sanders
4433507 Dynamics Of A Sub-terahertz Discharge In The Heavy Noble Gases Produced By A High-density Radiation Field Sidorov
4433542 On The Prospects For The Study Of A Point Discharge Sustained By A Terahertz Free Electron Laser Radiation In An Inhomogeneous Gas Flow Sidorov
4433670 Optimization Of Terahertz Source Via An Ambient Air-Based Multi-Color Photoionization Wu
4433820 Density Of State Of Low-frequency Intramolecular Vibrations For Stiff And Flexible Molecules At Solid Phase ZHANG
4434197 Continuous Wave Microscopy Based On Solid Immersion Lens García Jomaso
4434423 Tri-band Linear To Circular Polarization Converter Based On Transmissive Metasurfaces Ruan
4443678 Studying Mechanical Properties And Phase Transitions Of Aspirin Polymorphs With Terahertz Spectroscopy And Ab Initio Simulations Li
4454530 Electrically-controlled THz Emission From AlGaN/GaN/Al2O3 High Electron Mobility Transistor Structures At A Temperature Of 20 K
4456579 Modulation Of Terahertz Wave Based On A Preionized Plasma Zhang
4456991 THz Generation In Laser Filament Under Electric Field Conditions Losev
4457350 Scattering Of THz Radiation By Spherical MWCNTs Aerogel In State Of Acoustic Levitation
4457643 Terahertz-Infrared Spectroscopy Of Tm0.19Yb0.81B12 Dodecaboride Zhukova
4457656 Out-of-Equilibrium Electrons And Record Thermionic Emission In LaB6 Zhukova
4458296 Efficient Ultrafast THz Modulators Based On Negative Photoconductivity In Controllably Doped Carbon Nanotubes Lloyd-Hughes
4458728 Nonlinearity In Indium Phosphide Using THz Radiation Vaddapally
4459002 Extremely High Field Single-cycle Terahertz Pulse Sources Based On Echelon Structures Tóth
4459101 Strong Terahertz Electromagnetic Wave Generation Due To Intense Laserplasma Interaction Mechanisms Kuratov
4459216 Competition Between Positive And Negative Terahertz Photoconductivity In Variable Thickness Hg1-xCdxTe Epitaxial Layers Galeeva
4459343 Transformation Of The Terahertz Polarization During Three-Wave Joint Propagation In Liquid Nitrogen Solyankin
4459392 Temperature Dependent Sheet Conductivity Of MoS2 Measured By Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Zhou
4459453 Terahertz Generation By Two-color Laser Filamentation Maratha Palli
4459722 FT-ESR Measurements On BDPA By Pulsed ESR Using A Gyrotron As High-power Millimeter Wave Source Mitsudo
4459811 THz Spatial Modulation In The Fourier Plane Stefanova
4459894 Titled-Pulse-Front Pumped Plane-Parallel LiNbO3 Slab THz Source Nugraha
4460111 The Terahertz Near-field Response Of Graphene Layers And Graphene Structures Trukhin
4460131 Spectral Radiation Pattern Of Bulk Waves Emitted By Thermally Stimulated Surface Plasmons At The Sample Edge Khasanov
4460176 Ionic Permeability And Interfacial Doping Of Graphene On SiO2 Measured With Terahertz Photoconductivity Measurements Wang
4460291 Second Optical Harmonic Generation From Interfaces Of Isotropic Materials In Strong Terahertz Field: Surface Vs Bulk Contributions Bodrov
4477295 THz EMI Shielding In Graphene/PMMA Multilayers Koral
4415560 1.0 THz BWO Based On Novel Helical Groove Rectangular Waveguide Lu
4415828 Study On Hollow Cavity Of 140-GHz Gyrotrons Zhang
4419929 Completion Of The 8 MW Multi-Frequency ECRH System at ASDEX Upgrade
4420530 Compact Pulsed Magnets Designed For An 800 GHz 2th Harmonics Gyrotron Wang
4421093 Characteristics Of A Low-Voltage Gyrotron Backward-Wave Oscillator Hung
4422696 TM-Mode Gyrotrons Chang
4422769 Experimental Study Of The Emission Properties Of Magnetron Injection Guns For High-Power Gyrotrons
4423406 Development Of Powerful W-band Planar Surface-Wave Oscillator Driven By High-Current Relativistic Sheet Electron Beam
4423510 The Effect Of The Lossy Material On The Modes In A Smooth Metallic Dielectric Loaded Gyrotron Beam Tunnel Latsas
4424364 Experimental Results Of Spectral And Imaging From Tunable Coherent Terahertz Radiation Lin
4425228 Pulsed Gyrotron Start-up Scenario In Presence Of Voltage/Current Surge Front
4425688 Propagation Characteristics Of Periodic Azimuthally Corrugated Waveguides Derived By The FDTD Code COCHLEA Peponis
4426181 Wide Range Stepwise Frequency Tuning In Gyrotrons With Strong External Reflections
4426879 Analysis Of Folded Waveguide TWT With Non-Central Double Beams Xu
4427909 Linear Analyses Of A 0.22 THz Confocal Waveguide Gyro-TWT Yang
4428173 High-Efficiency Gyrotron With Beam Energy Recovery Louksha
4429552 Powerful Relativistic Oscillators Of THz-band Based On Excitation Of Talbot-type Supermode In An Oversized Cavity
4430822 Powerful 1 THz Third-Harmonic Gyrotron For Plasma Applications Kalynov
4430868 Investigation Of A Mini-Channel Cavity Cooling Concept For A 170 GHz 2 MW Coaxial-Cavity Gyrotron
4430901 Competition Of Oscillations At Different High Cyclotron Harmonics In The Sub-THz Large-Orbit Gyrotron Kalynov
4432061 Study Of Low Voltage Angular Log-periodic Slow Wave Structure For 340 GHz TWT Wang
4432219 Cusp Electron Gun With Modulation Electrode For A THz Gyro-amplifier Zhang
4432293 Project Of Relativistic Mm-wave Amplifier With Multi-pass Interaction Leontyev
4432311 Study On The Beam-wave Interaction In A 28GHz Gyrotron With Complex Cavity Lu
4432339 0.37 THz Gyro-TWA With A Cryo-free SCM: Design And Simulation Donaldson
4432479 Design And Test Of 253/527 GHz Gyrotron For Spectroscopy Applications
4432560 Design Of Quasi-Optical Mode Converter For 28GHz Gyrotron Huang
4432583 Efficiency Enhancement Of High-Harmonic Gyrotron By Stable Excitation Of High Axial Mode In The TWT Regime Bandurkin
4433272 Electromagnetic Characteristics Of A Double Confocal Waveguide For A Gyro-TWT Liu
4433284 Optimal Design Of A Magnetron Injection Gun For A 0.5 THz Continuously Frequency-tunable CW Gyrotron Liu
4433395 Theoretical Research On 300GHz Carbon Nanotube Cold Cathode Gyrotron shao
4434234 Design And Fabrication Of A D-Band Traveling Wave Tube For Millimeter Wave Communications Paoloni
4434460 Study On A Quasi-Optical Mode Converter For Gyrotron Based On Metamaterial Fu
4434664 Electromagnetic Characteristics Of A Double Confocal Waveguide For A Gyro-TWT Liu
4446431 Recent Results Of A CW 94 GHz Second Harmonic Gyrotron Based On A Continuous Operation Solenoid Sun
4446850 A Novel V-band Relativistic Transit-time Oscillator With High Power Handling Capacity He
4446899 A Novel Millimeter-wave Oversized Coaxial Relativistic Oscillator With Low Guiding Magnetic Field And High Power Capacity Ling
4446918 Development Of A 140 GHz 50kW Gyrotron In IAE Hu
4449164 Design Of Electron Optical System For 0.22THz Folded Waveguide TWT Guo
4449328 Increasing The Diffraction Losses In Gyrotron Beam Tunnels For Improved Suppression Of Parasitic Oscillations Chelis
4451523 Two-dimensional Particle Simulation Analysis Of Ion Noise In TWT Yang
4455358 Development Of 100 MW W-Band Gyrotron With Relativistic Sheet Electron Beam
4455998 Analysis On Resonator Coupling Characteristics Of Sub-THz EIA Qinqin
4456985 Design Of A Quasi-optical Mode Converter For A Dual-frequency Coaxial-cavity Gyrotron Jin
4457572 Double-Anode Sheet-Beam Electron Gun With A Circular Cathode For 220 GHz TWT
4457654 Using Reflections For Suppressing Parasitic Oscillation In A Multimode Gyrotron Melnikova
4458097 A Way To Match The Second Symmetric Mode Of Double-Grid Slow Wave Structure For Terahertz BWO zhao
4458207 Development Of The Second Harmonic 190 GHz Gyrotron For OAM Communication Sawant
4458439 Research On Y-Band Double Grating Diffraction Radiation Oscillators chen
4460066 Design Of An 800GHz Gyrotron Chen
4460393 Performance Tests Of ITER Gyrotrons And Design Study Of Dual-frequency ITER Gyrotron
4460428 Simulations Of Sub-THz Confocal-Cavity Gyrotrons With Different Configurations Of Electron Beams
4426145 Development Of High-Harmonic CW Gyrotron With An Operating Frequency of 1.2 THz Zotova
4431786 Sensitivity Measurement Of Resonant-Tunneling-Diode Terahertz Detectors Takida
4459188 Observation Of Dirac Semi-metallic Topological State In SrIrO3 And CaIrO3 Using Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy Rana
4648688 Multiphonon Anharmonicity In MgO An Ionic Binary Compound Giura


       TUESDAY 3 September       


4415696 +16 DBm High Power And High Linearity Integrated Photoreceiver For W-band Fiber Wireless Communication Applications Umezawa
4423079 THz TDS System Driven By A Commercially Available Laser Diode Balzer
4423876 Room Temperature Silicon Detector For IR Range Coated With Ag2S Quantum Dots Tretyakov
4425635 Direct Comparison Of PIN And UTC Photodiodes For Continuous-Wave Terahertz Emission Nellen
4428379 High Efficient Broadband Terahertz Radiation Generated By Photoconductive Antenna Array Shi
4428650 Enhanced Terahertz Emission Bandwidth From Photo-conductive Antenna With Embedded Plasmonic Nano-pillar Array Bhattacharya
4429766 Optimization Of THz QCLs By Suppressing A Leakage Current Via High Energy States Lin
4429887 High Performance Continuous-wave InP-based 2.1 Μm Superluminescent Diode With InGaAsSb Quantum Well Zhang
4430234 Lensless Infrared Image Processing Method Based On Fresnel Aperture Liu
4431826 0.4 MW Terahertz Power Generation Through Bias-Free Telecommunication-Compatible Photoconductive Nano-Antennas Turan
4431844 Simulation Of Terahertz Spectrum Generated By Noise-like Pulse Hong
4431993 Generation Of Spontaneous Parametric Down-converted Photons In The Sub-terahertz Frequency Range At 660nm Haase
4432019 Fabrication Of Quarter THz Wavelength Resonant Cavity Using A Multiple spin Coating Process Zheng
4432484 Profile Control Of One-dimensional Terahertz Moth-eye Structure Fabricated By Femtosecond Laser Processing Yu
4432508 Low-pump Irradiance To Modulate THz Waves Driven By Photo-generated Carriers In An InAs Slab
4432563 Application Of Laser Generated Moth-eye Structure For A Periodic Terahertz-wave Generator Yu
4433297 A Novel Terahertz Microfluidic Chip Su
4433341 Towards Bandwidth-enhanced GaN-based Terahertz Photoconductive Antennas Ghindani
4433418 High Power THz Quantum Cascade Laser And Its Demonstration In High Resolution Holographic Imaging Jiang
4433444 Synchronous Pumping Terahertz Parametric Oscillator Driven By Amplified Picosecond Mode-locked Laser Naganawa
4433467 The Material Growth Device Fabrication And Application Of Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers Wu
4437452 Numerical Study Of CO Laser Down-conversion In ZnGeP2 Crystal to THz Range
4454198 Application Of Mosaicity Induced Disorder Controlled Rare Earth Nickelate Thin Films As THz Transmission Modulator Lal Prajapati
4455322 High Sensitivity Heterodyne Electro-Optic Sampling With 1.5-µM Laser Source Kitahara
4456694 Monolithic Mode-Locked Laser Diode For THz Communication Balzer
4456943 Development Of High-speed Patch-antenna Intersubband Photodetectors At 10.3um Barbieri
4456972 15NH3 Terahertz Gas Laser Pumped By A Mid-infrared Quantum-cascade Laser Wienold
4457051 Generation Of Sub-100-kW Narrow-line Far-infrared Radiation From KTP Off-axis THz Parametric Oscillator Seeded By A Spectrally Filtered Stokes Pulse Wu
4457541 Dual-band Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Effect In Asymmetrically Coupled Terahertz Metamaterials Ghindani
4457569 On-Chip Harmonically Mode-Locked Lasers In Generic Foundry As Frequency Multiplier For Optoelectronic Terahertz Generation Carpintero
4457953 Nonuniformity Study For Silicon-based BIB Terahertz Detectors Wang
4457973 Towards A 4.75-THz Local Oscillator Based On A Terahertz Quantum-Cascade Laser With A Back-facet Mirror Hagelschuer
4458182 Polarization Control Of Terahertz Spintronic Emitter Combined With Liquid Crystal By The External Magnetic And Electric Field NAKAJIMA
4458250 A Cavity-coupled Microbolometer Terahertz Detector With A Metamaterial Reflector tu
4458286 The Gouy Phase Shift In Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy And Its Experimental Estimation Modelling And Compensation Kolejak
4458458 High Efficient THz Time Domain Spectroscopy Using Laser Chaos Kuwashima
4458498 High Performance Terahertz Absorption Of Nanostructured NiCr Film For A Pyroelectric Detector Liang
4458827 Electromagnetic-field Analysis Of Diagonal-feedhorn Antennas For Terahertz-frequency Quantum-cascade Laser Integration Zafar
4458904 Tail-suppressed THz Photocurrent By A Bi-polar Photoconductive Antenna Fabricated On Semi-insulating GaAs Sahoo
4459033 High Speed Antenna Enhanced Mid-infrared Quantum Cascade Detector Quinchard
4459102 Different Plasmonic Regimes Of Laser-Plasma Terahertz Generation Kostin
4459108 Possible Phonon-induced Electronic Bi-stability In VO2 For Ultrafast Memory At Room Temperature Tan
4459154 Advances In MOEMS-based External Cavity QCLs For Mid-IR Spectroscopy Flores
4459321 TeraHertz Generation in Semiconductor Microcavities Vergnet
4459465 THz Wave Generation In Nonlinear Crystal Βeta-BBO huang
4459692 Terahertz Generation In Gallium Nitride Quantum Wells Roble
4459918 Combined UTC-PD Integrated THz Source And A Leaky Wave Antenna With Complementary Split Ring Resonators Along A Planar Goubau Line Akalin
4459942 Effect Of Femtosecond Laser Polarization On Terahertz Emission From Cluster Nanoplasma Kuzechkin
4460064 Spatial And Temporal Field Evolution Of Evanescent Single-Cycle THz Pulses Lake
4460118 Terahertz Pulse Emission From GaInAsBi Norkus
4460198 Open-Source Simulation Software For Quantum Cascade Lasers Riesch
4460247 Single-shot Measurement Of THz Pulses With Sub-picosecond Resolution and Megahertz Acquisition Rates Bielawski
4411623 Investigation Of THz Tapered Parallel Plate Waveguide Integrated With A Metal Slit Array Liu
4411624 Hybrid Technique For Gas Sensing Based On Differential Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy Sensitized With Thermal Lens Effect Yarai
4412307 Genetic Algorithm Based Optimization For Terahertz Time-Domain Adaptive Sampling Li
4421739 Incoherent Power Combining Of THz Source Arrays Zatta
4422697 A Low-Profile Sub-Terahertz Transmit-Array Antenna With High Gain Enhancement Zhu
4422705 Tunable Optical Frequency Shifter For Terahertz Communicaiton System Jiang
4424427 Optical Heterodyne Detection In The Terahertz Region For Accurate Frequency Measurement Hayashi
4426966 Quantum Probability Theory Applied To Improve Terahertz Imaging Quality
4427869 Passive Millimeter-wave Microscopy Of Aqueous Protein Solutions at Low Temperatures
4427922 Compressed Sensing Image Reconstruction For Millimeter-wave Near-field Scanning Microscopy Using A Metal Slit Probe Nozokido
4428073 A Terahertz Superconducting Single-Pixel Imaging System Using DMD Zhang
4428150 THz Gratings Produced By Laser Cutting Ornik
4429447 Detection Performance Of LT-GaAs-on-Silicon Bowtie Photoconductive Antenna Prototype Afalla
4429575 Metasurface-Based Anti-Alias Filters For Improved THz-TDS Measurements Nikolaev
4431083 Terahertz Filter With Flat Top Transmission Response Ferraro
4431493 TeraFET Multi-pixel THz Array For A Confocal Imaging System Čibiraitė
4431771 340 GHz And 250 GHz Schottky Solid-state Heterodyne Receiver Arrays For Passive Imaging Systems He
4431806 A Quasi-optical Transmission Line For The ECR Ion Source liu
4431868 Broadband Bendable Terahertz Camera For Built-in Infrastructure Sensor Suzuki
4431888 Terahertz Field Enhancement By Bull's Eye Antenna For Force-detected Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Measurements Fujioka
4432098 Design Of A Compact Cylindrical Micro-lens For Efficient Out-coupling And Collimation Of THz Radiation From A Photoconductive Antenna Søndergaard
4432187 Study Of Microstrip-Based Terahertz Phase Shifter Using Liquid Crystal Takeda
4432272 Terahertz Digital Holography Using Field-Effect Transistor Detectors ZHAO
4432631 Propagation characteristics of high-throughput terajet beam and its super Resolution THz imaging Yang
4433415 Quasi-Optical Design Of ECRH Mirrors For ITER First Plasma Operations Fanale
4433729 Rapid Prototyping Of Simple Optical Elements For The Terahertz Domain Sørensen
4434016 Tunable Filter Design For IR Hyperspectral Imaging Champagne
4446458 Fabrication And Characterization Of Frequency Selective Terahertz Focal Plane Array And Camera Oulachgar
4455051 Terahertz Near-Field Imaging Using Batch Fabricated Cantilevers With 70 Micrometers Long Tips
4455087 Concept Of A Prism Spectrograph For Infrared Linear Array Detectors Schade
4455128 Terahertz Imaging Based On Coherent Detection Of The Fourier-Space Spectrum Yuan
4457213 A Full-wave Analysis Of Lenses For THz Detectors Purposes Kopyt
4457364 Polarization And Sectioning Characteristic Of THz Confocal Microscopy Wan
4457577 Modeling And Simulation Of Dielectric Whispering Gallery Mode Sensor Using Finite Element Method At THz Frequency Gohil
4457782 A GO/FO Tool For Analyzing Quasi-Optical Systems In Reception Zhang
4457826 Combination Of Adaptive Sampling Terahertz Dual-Comb Spectroscopy With A Free-Running Single-Cavity Dual-Comb Fiber Laser Yasui
4457892 Diffraction Of Terahertz Gaussian And Bessel Beams On 2D Gratings With Wavelength-Scale Openings Kameshkov
4457948 Frequency Measurement For Terahertz Waves Based On The High Magnetic Field Technology Qi
4458343 High Responsivity And Low NEP Of Room-Temperature Terahertz Antenna-Coupled Microbolometers With Meander Titanium Thermistor Hiromoto
4458695 Continuous-wave Terahertz Computed Tomography Based On Bessel Beam Rong
4458803 A Gap Waveguide Fed Circular Polarization Antenna In The Millimeter-Wave Range Pérez
4458864 3D Inspection Of Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastics At THz Frequencies Kahl
4459104 Full-field THz Polarimetric Imaging With THz Quantum Cascade Laser And THz Imager Mizuno
4459185 Uncertainty Quantization Of Fano Resonance Frequency Shift Measurement Pham Tran
4459307 Comparison Of Metallic NW And Evaporated Contact For THz Detector Modules Based On An InGaAs Schottky Diode Hajo
4459418 Development Of The Planar AlGaN/GaN Bow-tie Diodes For Terahertz Detection
4459473 Generation And Measurement Of Traceable THz Frequencies Gäumann
4459499 High Resolution Passive THz Imaging Array With Polarization Reusage In 22nm CMOS van Berkel
4459524 Study Of A THz Hollow-core Fiber For Sample Reflectance Analysis Guillet
4459557 The Design Of W Band Dual Polarization Parabolic High Gain Antenna Fang
4459578 THz Super-Resolution Imaging With Parallel-Pixel Data Acquisition For Rapid Inspection Applications Jintamethasawat
4459600 Comparative Study Of Millimeter Wave III/V Semiconductor And Integrated Silicon Based FMCW Radars Guillet
4459938 Characterization Of Smooth Dielectric Samples With Highly Focused Gaussian Beams In A Scatterometer Rubæk
4459950 Characterization Of Uncooled Ultra Low-NEP LSMO Bolometers At 3.39 Mm And In The MWIR And LWIR Bands
4459987 Resonant Frequency Tuning Of Terahertz Plasmonic Structures Based On Solid Immersion Method Sugaya
4460025 Combined UTC-PD Integrated On-chip THz Near Field Microscopy With Coupled Planar Goubau Lines Akalin
4460235 Cooled Silicon-On-Insulator Diode Thermometer: Toward THz Passive Imaging Blond
4460333 Handheld Telecentric THz-TDS Scanner Using Custom F-θ Optics For Imaging Applications In Clinical Settings And Non-destructive Testing Arbab
4461708 A Convolutional Neural Network For The Non-destructive Testing Of 3Dprinted Samples Elsaadouny


       WEDNESDAY 4 September       


4409568 Application Of Quasi-Optical System In Measure The Sub-THz Circular Dichroism Of Solvated Protein Cheng
4411798 Design Of Diode Type Magnetron Injection Gun For 170GHz Gyrotron. MISHRA
4415610 Schottky Diode Based 220GHz Receivers Operating At Room-Temperature For Passive Security Scanning Hu
4417423 20-vane Unstrapped 8-mm Magnetron Operation In Non-π-type Mode Ilyenko
4417692 A 0.13 THz Amplifier Integrated With A Frequency Doubler For A 0.26 THz 0 DBm Output Power Gao
4422807 Fmax=800GHz With 75 Nm Gate Length And Asymmetric Gate Recess For InGaAs/InAlAs PHEMT bollaert
4424410 Design And Simulation Of A 0.2-THz Traveling-Wave Tube With Sheet Electron Beam Focused By Reversal Magnetic Filed Ryskin
4424504 Negative Differential Resistance In ZnO-based Resonant Tunneling Diodes Sirkeli
4425512 A 3D Printed Waffle Type Waveguide For Millimeter Wave Application Lee
4425525 Experimental And Numerical Study Of The 0.4-THz Second-Harmonic Gyrotron With A Complex-Cavity Resonator Ryskin
4425541 Formation Of High-density Electron Flows By Electron-optical Systems With Multilayer Field Emitters Sominski
4427959 The Interaction Between Two-dimensional Electron Gas And Terahertz Plasma Wave In HEMT-like Structure Pan
4428157 The Effect Of Phosphor Coating On THz/mm Wave-Plasma Interaction In Glow Discharge Detector Kusoglu Sarikaya
4429556 Research On 96GHz Sheet-beam EIO Xiao
4429962 W-band Pulsed TWT Family With Different Output Power Peskov
4430701 Multicolor Terahertz Generation Via Spectrum-discretized Smith-Purcell Radiation Liu
4430787 A Schottky Diode Multiplier Chain Based On Three-dimensional Stacking Integration At 410GHz To 510GHz Jiang
4431134 A Scalable Photomixing Array For Increased Emitted Power PASCUAL-GRACIA
4431185 Unit-cell Design For Antenna Arrays Efficiently Matched To Uni-travelling-carrier Photodiodes PASCUAL-GRACIA
4431799 Stokes-parameter Analysis Of Circular Polarized Terahertz Waves From Superconducting Josephson Plasma Emitter Maeda
4432009 Optimal Design Of A Magnetron Injection Gun For A 0.5 THz Continuously Frequency-tunable CW Gyrotron Liu
4432141 Research And Design Of W-Band Waveguide Mode Generator Qi
4432321 T-Channel JLFET THz Detector Zaborowski
4432348 Generation Of Trains Of Ultrashot Microwave Pulses By Two Coupled W-Band TWTs Ginzburg
4432540 Compact THz Continuous-Wave Clinotron Oscillators Ponomarenko
4433281 Coherent Terahertz Radiation From Homogeneous Intrinsic Josephson Junction Stacks Of Cuprate High-Temperature Superconductors Tsujimoto
4434416 Z-Shaped Dual Band Circular Polarized Microstrip Antenna For THz Communication Ruan
4441992 Hot Electron Y-Ba-Cu-O Bolometer Heterodyne Mixers: Stand-off Target Passive Detection Performance Modeling
4449399 Tunable Notch Filter For Measurements Of Rogue Waves In Gyrotrons Peskov
4455295 Experimental Advances In 220 GHz Sheet-Beam Traveling-Wave Tubes Duan
4456288 Silicon Based Diode Noise Source Scaling For Noise Measurement Up To 325 GHz ghanem
4456572 High Performance Surface Plasmon Polaritons From Mediated Coupling Excitation Gong
4456609 A Ka-band Backward-Wave Oscillator With Grating Slow-Wave Structure Developed By A Simplified Approach Ishiguro
4456753 Dielectric Rod Antenna Array For Photonic-Based Sub-Terahertz Beamforming Smirnov
4457173 Time Resolution And Power Dependence Of Transistor Based Terahertz Detectors Zagrajek
4457526 Terahertz Distributed Amplifiers Based On Nanoscale Vacuum Phototubes Ruan
4457672 Comparison Of Fourth-harmonic And Combined Doubler/Subharmonic Mixer With Integrated MMIC Based Local Oscillator Pérez-Escudero
4457675 Application Of Clinotron Scheme For THz Traveling-Wave-Tubes Ponomarenko
4457932 Injection Locking Of Resonant Tunneling Diode Oscillator With A Single-Frequency Terahertz Wave Hiraoka
4458051 Graphene Microfabrication For Developing Mm-wave And THz Devices Squires
4458377 On The Effect Of Quantum Capacitance In Graphene FET THz Detectors Sensale-Rodriguez
4458463 Plasma-Wave Detection Of Wide Band Modulated 240 GHz Radiation In SiGe Technology Hella
4458467 Control Of Mesa Sidewalls For Coherent Terahertz Radiation From Intrinsic Josephson Junctions Of High-Tc Superconductors
4458481 Long-Distance Coherent Signal Transmission And Reception Of Optically-Connected 96 GHz Millimeter-Wave Radar System For Runway Foreign Object Debris Detection Futatsumori
4459173 Terahertz Radiation From The High-Tc Superconductor Intrinsic Josephson Junctions Coupled To An External Resonator Ono
4459211 Performance Characterization Method Of Broadband Terahertz Video Cameras Jagtap
4459230 Via-less Microstrip To Rectangular Waveguide Transition On InP Hussain
4459294 Design Of The Planar MIG For 28 GHz Gyrotron With The Rectangular Cavity Hruszowiec
4459311 Via-less Microstrip To Rectangular Waveguide Transition On InP Hussain
4459447 A Graphene Self-Switching Diode Bridge Rectifier Brownless
4459459 90 GHz Branch-line Coupler On GaN-on-Low Resistivity Silicon For MMIC Technology Benakaprasad
4459479 Design Fabrication And Measurement A Promising Photonic Crystal-like Structure Inside A Rectangular Waveguide Starodubov
4459719 A 410-510GHz Room Temperature Local Oscillation Source For SIS Mixers Chen
4459916 Impedance Matching Networks Designed By Evolutionary Algorithms Fenlon
4459941 Research Of Volume Free-Electron Laser With Photonic Crystal Structure For Operation In Sub-Terahertz Range Badarin
4460178 Graphene And MoS2 Structures For THz Applications El Moutaouakil
4460195 Microstrip Waveguide Loaded With Metamaterial Structure For Sensitive Resonant Detection Vukusic
4460288 Radio Frequency Triggering Of Insulator-to-metal Transition In Vanadium Dioxide Qaderi
4460724 Design And Implementation Of A Terahertz Integrated Lens-Antenna For A Nanocontacts Based Photomixer Laín Rubio
4409909 Strong Anisotropic Photo-mixing Effect In Semi-Dirac Materials In The Terahertz Regime HUANG
4409911 Bandgap Dependence Of Hot Electron Relaxation In Three Dimensional Dirac Semi-Metals HUANG
4412677 Radiation From Junctions Between Two-dimensional Plasmonic Waveguides Sydoruk
4413532 Fabrication Of Broadband Absorbers For The Far-Infrared Spectral Range Upadhyay
4415191 Unusual Ultrafast Photocarrier Dynamics In Type II Dirac Semimetal PtTe2 Thin Film In Terahertz Band Ma
4416843 Optimization Of Terahertz Wave Generation From Nonlinear Optical Crystal Using Amorphous Fluoropolymer Coating Matsumura
4417507 Frequency Selective Rasorber With Continuous Tunable Transmission Band Based On Varactor Guo
4422701 Characterization Of Epoxy-Silver Nanoparticles Composites In Microwave And Millimeter-wave Regime
4423411 High-Performance And Low-Crosstalk Terahertz Plasmonic Crossings Yuan
4426844 Study On Thermionic Emission Of A W-Y Alloy Cathode Applied In Magnetron Qi
4427368 Electromagnetic Modeling Of Human Skin As A Receiving And Transmitting Antenna Array In Sub-THz Betzalel
4427486 Active Optically Controlled Broadband Terahertz Modulator Based On Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Xiong
4427980 Terahertz Proton Motions In Proton-Conducting Electrolyte Of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
4428503 Terahertz Chemical Sensor Based On The Plasmonic Hexagonal Microstructured Holes Array In Aluminum
4428578 Polarization Controlled Dual Resonant Tera-Hertz Transmission Through Asymmetric Aperture Array Pattanayak
4429001 Insulator-metal Transition In PrYCaCoO3 Thin Films Studied By Terahertz and Infrared Spectroscopies
4429523 Topologically Protected Tera-Hertz Loop Yagi-Uda Absorber Pattanayak
4430762 Enhanced Terahertz Smith-Purcell Radiation From Subwavelength Holes Array Within Metamaterials Liu
4431828 Broadband Terahertz Modulator Based On Fin-line With Meta-atom Hou
4431910 Optical Properties Of Polymers In THz Regime And Their Discrimination Mumtaz
4431929 Broadband Characterization Of Glass And Polymer Materials Using THz-TDS ISLAM
4431954 Novel Hollow Core Antiresonant Terahertz Fiber With Metamaterial Cladding
4431961 Multifunctional Graphitic Thin Films For Terahertz Range Kaplas
4432173 Photocontrol Phase Shifting With Extraordinary Optical Transmission Of Terahertz Waves Via Vanadium Dioxide Based Metasurface Liang
4433257 X-Shaped Metamaterial Biosensor Combined With Microfluidic System For Different IPA Concentration Measurement Huang
4433570 Terahertz Emission Due To Radiative Decay Of Hot 2D Plasmons In AlGaN/GaN Heterojunction Shalygin
4433843 Multipole Terahertz Localized Plasmon Resonances On Spiral Structures Gerasimov
4434610 Observation Of Strong Yellow Emission For High-conductivity ZnO Excited By Sub-terahertz Gyrotron Beam
4449219 THz Properties Of Fe And Ti Oxides Nanoparticles Obtained By Pulsed Laser Ablation Ezhov
4451547 Metal-graphene Stacking Structure For Dynamical Tunable Ultra-wide Band Absorbers Zhong
4454467 Absorption Properties Of 3D-printing MWCNT Composites At The THz Frequency Range Badin
4454501 Independently Tunable Dual-band Metamaterial Absorber Based On Graphene At Mid-infrared Frequencies Han
4454625 Including The Effects Of Covering Layers In The Determination Of Graphene Conductivity From THz-TDS Measurements Stock
4454812 Rotational Cuvette Measurements For Refractive Index Testing Using A THz Vector Network Analyser Lees
4454825 Flexible THz Metamaterials Bonded To Paper For Chemical Sensing Lees
4454880 Phase Singularity In Double-layer Metamaterial Based On Lattice Resonance Han
4455091 THz Conductivity In Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF)
4455370 Independent Linear Dual-polarization Terahertz Focusing At A Composite Multifunctional Metasurface Kou
4456623 Terahertz 1-bit Digital Dynamic Phase Programmable Metasurface Based On AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure Zeng
4456859 Slit Arrays For Plasmon-enhanced Vibrational Circular Dichroism Baldassarre
4456863 Terahertz Spectroscopy Of Engineered Stone Báez
4456893 Optically Tunable Terahertz Notch Filter Based On Carbon Nanotubes Gomon
4456897 Effects Of Substrate Phonon Absorption On The Resonance Properties Of Ultrathin Metamaterials In The Terahertz Range Niu
4457062 Investigation Of The Reflectivity Spectra Of N-type GaN Semiconductor With Surface Relief Grating Janonis
4457144 Bifunctional Metasurface For Polarization-controlled Beam Steering And Excitation Of Spoof Surface Plasmon Polariton Yin
4457188 Mid-IR S-SNOM Imaging Of Photo-induced Refractive Index Variation In Chalcogenide Glass Thomas
4457554 A High-precision THz Beam Steering Array Applied 2-bit Non-uniform Coding Strategy By Fractionally Dividing The Phase Gradient Distribution Wang
4457611 Terahertz Broadband Linear-to-circular Polarization Deflection Based On A Birefringent Reflective Metasurface Yin
4457693 Optical Activity Of Graphene-Based Chiral Metasurface In THz Frequency Range Masyukov
4458032 Dependence Of Terahertz Conductivity Of CNT-based Macroscale Films On The CNT Length And On Plasma Exposure Time


       THURSDAY 5 September       


4409970 Collective Hydration Dynamics In Binary Mixtures: A THz Time Domain Spectroscopic Study Das Mahanta
4412838 Quantitative Video-rate Hydration Imaging Of Nafion Proton Exchange membranes With THz Radiation Alves de Lima
4415166 Sub-surface Analysis Of Ancient Human Remains Using A Robotic-based THz System Stuebling
4415348 Short-time Fourier Transform With Adaptive Window Sizing For THz-TDS SONG
4415480 Quasi-Optical Dielectric Lens Design For D-Band Passive Millimeter-Wave Imager YOU
4415800 In Vivo Terahertz Imaging For Scar Treatment Evaluation Wang
4418493 Signal Denoising Algorithm For Terahertz Imaging And Spectroscopy Chen
4419668 A THz SAR Autofocus Algorithm Based On Minimum-Entropy Criterion Shi
4419776 Long-time Coherent Integration For Target Detection In Terahertz Radar Li
4420030 Compressed Sensing Based Super-Resolution Layer Structure Analysis For Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopic Imaging System Morimoto
4421629 W-Band MIMO Radar Array Optimization And Improved Back-projection Algorithm For Far-Field Imaging yang
4421632 Highly Sensitive Terahertz Imaging Method For Paraffin Embedded Cancer Samples
4422048 Sidelobe Suppression Of Terahertz Emitters With Horn Antennas Shrestha
4422702 A Sub-Terahertz Retrodirective Antenna Array For Satellite Tracking Zhu
4422824 Collective Oscillations Of Proteins Proven By Terahertz Spectroscopy In Aqueous Medium Meriguet
4423688 Influence Of Bandwidth And Dynamic Range On Thickness Determination Using Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy Weber
4424878 In Vivo THz Measurements Of Human Skin: Investigating The Dependence On Ethnicity And Arm Dominance Barker
4425002 Physical Properties Of Human Jawbone Spongy Bone Collagen And Cerabone® Bone Transplantation Material In Range Of 0.2 To 2.5 THz Nikoghosyan
4425716 Non-invasive And Non-destructive Approach Based Infrared Thermography To Estimate Thermal Properties In Vivo Fernandes
4426578 Iterative Tree Algorithm For The Assessment Of Optical Path Contributions Within Stratified Structures Cassar
4427242 Rapid Classification Of Bi-heterocyclic Compounds by Using THz-TDS With Combined Double-loop Learning SVM And KNN
4427613 Electromagnetic Reflectance Measurements Of Human Palms In Sub-THz Frequency Band Kochnev Goldstein
4427899 THz Spectroscopy Of Paramylon Paramylon-ester And Cellulose ZHONG
4427919 IR And THz Imaging Of Paraffin Embedded Cancer Tissues Kistenev
4428234 Terahertz Near-field Inspection For High-resolution Conductivity And Mobility Mapping Of Large-area Graphene Sawallich
4429606 Application Of Hydrogen-bonded Liquid Crystal Device To THz Phase Sensing Ito
4429649 Terahertz Polarimetric Sensing For Linear Encoder Based On A Resonant-Tunneling-Diode And CFRP Polarizing Plates Yamashita
4430849 Study On The Terahertz Vortex Imaging Based On Spiral Phase Plates Liu
4431546 Terahertz Imaging Of Moisturizer Interaction With The Skin In-vitro Alfaro
4431700 Towards Industrial THz Wave Electronic Gas Sensing And Spectroscopy Wilke
4431701 Terahertz 3D Water Distribution In Plant Leaves Singh
4431944 Hybrid Beamforming Architectures Of Terahertz Communications Yan
4431991 Five-Capillary Cladded Low Loss Anti-resonant Terahertz Fiber SULTANA
4432082 Detection Of Aflatoxin B1and B2 Using Terahertz Meta-biosensor Yang
4432522 Is There A Water Content Threshold For Cluster Formation In Glycerol? Kölbel
4432919 Sub-THz Components For High Capacity Point To Multipoint Wireless Networks Paoloni
4433755 Terahertz Study Of Wood Structure As Impacted By Grapevine Trunk Diseases Coquillat
4454502 Terahertz Pulsed Imaging Of Paraffin-Embedded Human Breast Cancer Tissue Boutaayamou
4455516 High-Tc Superconducting Kinetic Inductance Detectors For Terahertz Imaging
4456660 Application Of Infrared-Free Electron Laser For Amyloidosis Therapy Kawasaki
4456838 Terahertz Inspection Of The Joining Quality Of Industrial Silicon Carbide Ceramics Bauer
4457091 Practical Guidelines For Continuous Wave Terahertz Spectroscopy — Perspectives And Challenges In Stand-off Detection
4457302 Difficulties Of Subsurface Liquid Front Tracking In Porous Media With Terahertz Pulsed Imaging Al-Sharabi
4457540 Differences And Similarities Between Millimetre Wave And Thermal Heating Effect On Action Potential Triggering In Leech Interneuron ROMANENKO
4457639 Utilisation Of MMW Radiation To Facilitate Apoptosis In Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cell Lines Via TRPV1 Receptor Sensitization ROMANENKO
4457885 Portable Terahertz Radar For Rapid Long-range Detecting Concealed Carried Threat Sang
4457994 Terahertz Spectra Study On Chemical Constituents From Amalocalyx Yunnanesis Zeng
4458038 Identification Of Random Internal Structuring THz Tags Using Images Correlation And SIWPD Analysis Bonnefoy
4458240 Optimization Of Data Fitting Algorithm For Tissue Dielectric Properties In THz-band Using Genetic Algorithm Ding
4458306 THz Links Using Tube Amplifiers And Steerable Beams For Indoor Applications Ducournau
4458584 First Experiments On Ion Bean Formation At GISMO Facility Sidorov
4458605 Principle Of A Subcarrier Frequency-modulated Continuous-wave Radar In The Terahertz Band Using A Resonant-tunneling-diode Oscillator
4458847 High Resolution Image Processing Technique For The Detection Of Metal Entrapments Based On A THz Camera Friederich
4459233 Time Domain Circuit Representation Of Photoconductive Gaps In Antennas For Pulsed Terahertz Time Domain Systems Fiorellini Bernardis
4459267 Hexagonal Polygon Mirror Based Terahertz Imaging System by Using Telecentric F-θ Lens
4459349 Terahertz Spectroscopic Identification Of Different Species Of Herbal Medicine Fritillaria Zhou
4459404 Detection Of Keratinizing Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Tongue Using Terahertz Reflection Imaging Oh
4459815 How To Make Water Transparent For THz Radiation? Nazarov
4459931 Terahertz Response From Oligonucleotides Deposited On Silicon Nanostructures Fomin
4459982 Reconstructed THz Phase Image Of The Two-component Numerical Model Of Breast Cancer Tissue Smolyanskaya
4460148 A Suspended Silicon Terahertz Platform With Low Loss Waveguide And High Q Photonic Crystal Cavities Akiki
4460267 THz Thickness Characterization Of Polycarbonate Sheets Including Dispersion zhai
4460366 Angular Distortion Removal Of THz Anisotropic Dichroism Microscope Deng
4460502 Terahertz Spectroscopy Of Adhesive Material Under Various Climatic Conditions Panchagnula
4460695 Two Channel Terahertz Communication Based On Spatial Mode Multiplexing Choporova
4460837 Investigation Of Terahertz Characterization Of Nitrocellulose LAZOUL
4460870 Study Of Protein Water Interactions In GroEL Molecular Chaperonins Using Terahertz Spectroscopy Devi
4461187 Effect Of Confinement On Collective Dynamics Of Nanoconfined Water In DMPC Multilamellar Vesicle Jang
4458311 Terahertz Metamaterials Based On Free-standing Complementary Split Ring Resonators For Sensing Applications
4458416 Metamaterials Sensor Based On Multiband Terahertz Absorber Wang
4458425 Polarization Controlled Discrete Frequency-tunable Terahertz Absorber Wang
4458583 A Terahertz Metalattice: Single-layered Sub-wavelength Fibers Atakaramians
4458627 Active Control Of Terahertz Waves By VO2 Metamaterial Zhang
4458861 Evaluation Of Ga2O3 Surface Potential Using Laser THz Emission Microscopy Kawayama
4458863 Electromagnetic Responses And Coupling Effect In Asymmetric Terahertz Metamaterials Zhou
4458949 Terahertz Smith-Purcell Effect In Photonic Crystals zhang
4459083 Dynamic Controlling Of The Surface Magnetic Field Based On The VO2 Spiral Meta-surface
4459548 Whispering-Gallery Resonators For Highly Integrated Plasmonic THz Circuits Klein
4459625 Defect Mode For Periodic Structures With Broadband CPW-to-MS Transitions Fabricated With COC Polymer Substrate And On-wafer Measurements Up To 500GHz Akalin
4459838 Terahertz Radiation Confinement Using Metallic Resonators. Hannotte
4459862 Peptide Self-assembling And Lys/His Exchange Features In BDS Motovilov
4459884 Heteroepitaxy Of NLO Materials For Frequency Conversion Devices In The MWIR And LWIR With Applications In Defense And Security Tassev
4459901 Ferromagnetic Resonance In 3D-printing Hexagonal Ferrite BaFe12O19 Composite At The EHF Frequency Range Badin
4459915 Terahertz Dielectric Constant Of Cell Wall Composition For Different Types Of Microorganisms Ahn
4459975 Comparison Of THz Spectroscopy Measurements Of Carbon Nanotubes Embedded In Polymer Matrices Báez
4460016 Multi-layered Graphene Based Optically Tunable Terahertz Absorber Grebenchukov
4460047 Wire-grid Terahertz Metamaterial With Refractive Index Less Than Unity Litvinov
4460189 A THz View On Magnetization Dynamics: Opportunities From The THz Userfacility TELBE
4460200 Hyperbolic Metamaterial Based Active Tunable Compact THz Source Pareek
4460251 Extrinsic Absorption In Spark Plasma Sintered Zr0.8Sn0.2TiO4 Ceramics Investigated By Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Nedelcu
4460259 Comparison Of Mathematical Models For The Calculation Of Optical Properties Of Composite Medium In The Terahertz Regime Khodzitsky
4460310 Fano Line Shapes Created In Metamaterials By Integrating Different Modes Of The Same Symmetry In Composite Structures Jukam
4460331 THz Dielectric Photonic Crystal With Double Lattice Khodzitsky
4460365 High-Q THz Fano Metamaterial Interacting With Vacuum Electron Hong
4608400 Electric Dipole-free Meta-cylinders Safari
4618062 Terahertz Near-field Metasurfaces And Superfocusing Han
4416693 Wideband Schottky Doubler With High Efficiency And Output Power Ding
4423369 An Integrated HEB Mixer In A Cryostat With A Cryogenic LO At 2-THz Band
4427453 Improvement Of Ti-based Superconducting Transition Edge Sensors With Dielectric Mirror Li
4428947 Terahertz Direct Detection Behavior Of A Superconducting NbN Bolometer By Noise Thermometry Gao
4431882 Dichroic Filters Development For NOEMA Receivers Fontana
4433271 MIM Junction Under A Source Of Light Distributed Moreno
4433343 A Broadband Q-band Dual-Circular Polarizer For Millimeter-Wave VLBI Observations Chung
4433842 Experimental Study Of Harmonic Mixer Using Two HTS YBCO Grain Boundary Josephson Junctions In Series Yu
4451828 Effect Of Idler Terminations On The Conversion Loss For THz Schottky Diode Harmonic Mixers Jayasankar
4459487 Demonstration Of Broadband Anti-reflection Coating Based On Sub-wavelength Structures On Sapphire For Mm-wave Applications Takaku
4460227 A 2 X 2 Beam Divider For An Array Local Oscillator At 1.37 THz Zhu
4651389 Beyond Fusion: The Application Of Fusion-Based Microwave Technology To Other Industries Anderson
4652134 High-Speed THz Imaging For Production Line Monitoring Downes


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