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Accompanying program

Consisting in 4 different activities during the week this program is organized by our partner Discover Walks Paris. These options may be taken separately or together.

Registration and payment for one or several of these optional activities have to be made by following the link at the bottom of the page.


  •  ACTIVITY 1 - Sunday 1 September - Conference Welcome Reception at Maison de la Chimie

Participants and their accompanying persons are cordially invited to share a cocktail aperitif in the conference venue. For accompanying person it can be an opportunity to meet other accompanyings before joining for other activities.

6:00 - 7:30 pm
Location: Maison de la Chimie, 28 bis rue Saint Dominique, 75007 Paris
Free event - No registration

  •  ACTIVITY 2 - Tuesday 3 September - Food tour in Montorgueil « the basket of Paris »

A few meters away from les Halles de Paris, which used to be the largest food market of Europe back in the early 20th century, you’ll discover some of the finest food artisans of the capital along with your private guide. From shop to shop, you’ll enjoy a selection of delicacies, both savory and sweet, and will learn about the products you’ll taste on the way. During this 2hrs tour you’ll be visiting a traditional boulangerie, the oldest pastry shop of Paris, a family owned fromagerie, a 100% French charcuterie working directly with the producers from all around the country, you’ll taste some of the finest chocolate bonbons made in the French tradition, some seasonal local fruit, and in the very end of the tour, you’ll enjoy a typical French « apero »with delicious wine, in a Parisian deli specialized in farmers products, in the very heart of les Halles!

30 persons Groups of 15 pax max per guide
Duration: 2hrs long
departure : 3 am
Price: 65€/pers

  • ACTIVITY 3 - Wednesday 4 September - Conference Banquet

The Banquet will consist of a boad trip dinner on the Seine.
"Visit Paris by its most beautiful avenue, the Seine"


Price: 90€/pers.
Departure time: 19h30


  • ACTIVITY 4 - Thursday 5 September - Inventing the Paris of Tomorrow: a double visit where old Paris turns to new Paris

Cancelled due to a lack of participants

You are invited to discover two major new social projects under way in Paris’ historic district « le Marais ». And you will meet the men and women who run these two initiatives.
First we visit Lafayette Anticipations. This new art galery is a hall for contemporary art exhibits. But it is also a workshop and a residence hall for artists themselves. The creative, modular, space, allows the artists to explore new variation of their art.<
Second, we move to the rooftop of BHV-MARAIS Department Store. Awaiting us is Paris’ new urban farm « sous les fraises ». With this exclusive visit, we stand right above the heart of historic Paris, for stunning unique views. But we also visit the farm, and we meet the farmers who run this urban farm.

  • ACTIVITY 5 - Friday 6 September - Guided visits of Paris

- 5.1. Trendy Marais

This Paris Marais tour shows what Paris is so good at: blending past and present. In Marais, we keep navigating between old mansions and newest fashion. Right away we jump into a unique world that mixes together history, culture, and fashion. Landmarks on this tour include: place des Vosges, hotel Sully, and the Jewish pletzl. But this Marais walking tour also focuses on authentic details such as art galeries and private homes. The Paris Marais tour finishes by the banks of the river Seine, close to isle saint-Louis and to Notre Dame. To see more on this free tour, we do not spend time going inside each building.

Price: 15€/pers
Departure time: 16h45
Number of places: 10

- 5.2. The Bohemian Montmartre

You will explore Paris’ most bohemian, artistic district. You will discover the picturesque streets that inspired Renoir, Picasso, and Edith Piaf. You will photograph some of the best vistas of Paris. And in the end, you will feel very Parisian. The itinerary covers Moulin Rouge to Sacre Coeur cathedral. We make our way up through secluded gardens and back alleyways. We explore the eccentric lifestyles of current and former Montmartre residents. We discover why local residents are so proud of their peculiar vineyard. We run into countless photo ops. And we enjoy the romance of Montmartre. We end at Sacre Coeur, with the best views of Paris lying at our feet.

Price: 15€/pers
Departure time: 15h15
Number of places: 10

- 5.3. The Hidden Gems tour

We first make our way to “Palais royal”, first intended by the King’s brother as a vast gambling hall. We find water fountains and flower beds. We find secret Parisian shops and controversial art by Buren, and we find the home of the Chairman of the Central Bank. Through a concealed door, we access place Valois. We discover a Parisian “passage” – the ornate, high-ceiling, 200-year-old ancestor of the “shopping arcade”. The passage we visit is now home to such exclusive stores as Louboutin shoes’ exclusive shop. We then “stumble upon” stately place des Victoires, designed by the chief architect of Versailles and designer of the Hall of Mirrors. We then access a former convent courtyard and our finale is in galerie Vivienne, an “indoor-street” built inside a block of buildings. With this hard-to-find gem, we end our exploration of Secret Paris.

Price: 15€/pers
Departure time:14h30
Number of places: 10

 Registration and payment for one or several of these optional activities have to be made on Discover Walks' website:



We look forward to welcoming you to Paris!

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