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Lytid http://lytid.com/ France
Lytid is a Paris based company developing, manufacturing and commercializing advanced photonic technologies for scientific and industrial applications. Lytid's main core technologies are the Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL), the Quantum Well Infrared Photodector (QWIP) and THz Schottky diodes. Lytid is the only company in the world to offer high-power, tunable, continuous wave terahertz sources ranging from 0.1THz to 5THz. Lytid is open to technology transfer proposal and collaborates actively with the community through projects like "THOR" of the H2020 OPEN FET program.
Swiss Terahertz http://www.swissterahertz.com Switzerland
Swiss Terahertz LLC is implementing some of the globally unique THz technologies developed with the new X-ray free-electron laser SwissFEL at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland. Its technology is responsible for the present world record most intense 83 MV/cm THz source. Main products and services: (1) Organic crystals, DAST/DSTMS/OH1/BNA and tera-bullet spectrometer; (2) Ultra sensitive broadband micro-bolometer camera, RIGI which is compatible with most THz sources whether pulsed (organic crystals, lithium niobite, plasma, ZnTe, photoconductive antennas) or continuous wave (QCL, CO2 DFG, diodes); (3) Electronic harassment detection; (4) Research experiments design and implementation support / custom R&D projects. Swiss Terahertz is a major industrial THz R&D player dedicating 35% of its revenues to R&D spending.
Tydex http://www.tydexoptics.com/ Russia
TYDEX is a private company founded by research physicists in 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The company specializes in custom manufacturing of optical components and instruments for research and industry, including spectroscopy, pyrometry and thermography, THz photonics, sensors and detectors, metrology, lasers, and more. For THz Photonics we develop and produce  Golay Detectors, THz Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometers, Pulsed Terahertz Spectrometers,  Lock-in Amplifiers, THz Impulse Radiation Detectors and Electro-Optical Detectors, and a  wide range of THz optical components: low pass and band pass filters, polarizers, attenuators, windows, lenses, mirrors, splitters, waveplates, spectral splitters, beam splitters  and more.


Région Île de France   https://www.iledefrance.fr/ France
Fondation Maison de la Chimie   France


 Gold Sponsors & Partners

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Université PSL

https://www.ens.fr/en/ens/universite-psl France
Université PSL has been founded by 25 prestigious institutions established in Paris which have gathered together. All these institutions have in common to train their students through research and are all willing to create disciplinary convergences, make innovation and creativity more dynamic, attract and train the best students and make of research a real growth driver.


 Silver Sponsors & Partners

Company name Logo Website Country
i2S   https://www.i2s.fr/en  France
As a specialist in image capture and processing, i2S has been helping its customers to take up their most complex challenges using innovative imaging in the industrial, medical and wellness fields. For nearly 40 years, i2S offer integrated and enhanced vision systems continuously enriched by new capture and image processing technologies. Always at the cutting-edge technology, i2S presents at IRMMW-THz its brand-new development, the real time microbolometric Terahertz camera: the TZcam. The combination of high resolution and high sensitivity features of TZcam allows the acquisition of high quality 2D images at real time mode. With broadband detection and uncooled operability, the TZcam is a perfect plug and play tool for Laboratories and R&D institutions who carry out research in THz field and explore THz potential in various applications: THz source characterization, medical imaging, non-destructive testing, oncology, etc. See what the eye cannot with TZcam!
Menlo Systems Gmbh   https://www.menlosystems.com/ Germany
Menlo Systems GmbH is a leading developer and global supplier of instrumentation for high-precision metrology. The company with headquarters in Martinsried near Munich is known for its Nobel Prize winning optical frequency comb technology. With subsidiaries in the US and China and a global distributor network, Menlo Systems is closely connected to its customers from science and industry. The main product lines are optical frequency combs, time and frequency distribution, terahertz systems, ultrafast and ultrastable lasers, and corresponding control electronics. Besides standard production, Menlo Systems develops and manufactures custom made solutions for laser-based precision measurements.
TeraMetrix   https://lunainc.com/thz/ United States


 Standard Sponsors & Partners

Company name Logo Website Country
Advantest Corporation   https://www.advantest.com/ Japan
Fyla Laser SL   https://www.fyla.com/ Spain
We design and commercialize pulsed fibre laser technology by joining Singularity, Quality and Profitability for our Clients and Stakeholders. From Science to Industry, in a few years, FYLA has became a trusted partner for our clients. Our lasers are designed for a wide range of applications, directly influencing the growth of the industry. Our expertese ranges from Diagnostics and Imaging technology, to Semiconductors and Optical Communications applications using optical light sources.
Springer Nature https://www.springernature.com/gp  


Société Française de Physique France
Sorbonne University, UFR de Physique   http://ufr925.ent.upmc.fr/ France




Within the framework of a true partnership, the Organizing Committee associates the industrials who play a part in the development of research in this vast field. Thus, by taking your share into the organization of this Conference at national and international levels, you contribute to its success. It is also an interesting opportunity to present your know-how and to happen to meet with new contacts.

Standard Sponsor
1 500 €
Silver Sponsor
3 000 €
Gold Sponsor
5 000 €
Platinium Sponsor
10 000 € and more

- on the conference website: your logo, a short text presentation and a link towards your website
- your logo in the dedicated page of the paper program
- your leaflet in the delegate bags
- 1 exhibition badge


- 1 conference badge
- advertisement: 1/2 page in the paper program


- a 2nd conference badge
- advertisement: 1 page in the paper program (instead of 1/2 page)


Your choice among the following

- your logo on goodies
- support one event of the social program (gala dinner, welcome reception, Wine&Cheese during poster session,...)
- provide Wifi connection
- your suggestion to be considered


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 Useful information 

  • Download the "Exhibitor and Sponsor Manual"
  • Sponsors: Reception period for flyers at Maison de la Chimie: Monday 26 - Thursday 29 August 2019
  • Exhibitors: You cannot send your material to the venue, Maison de la Chimie - Goods must be delivered during the delivery schedule of IRMMW-THz 2019 Paris. They will not be accepted if delivered outside the delivery schedule.
  • Sponsors: Download the template of the "Letter of intent", to be included in your company letterhead with your company's header/footer, stamp and relevant information... and sent to the secretariat.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Paris!

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