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Deadline Extended Abstract submission: 30 June 2019


 Guideline for Extended Abstract Submission

Please read the following guideline for the abstract submission and REPLACE your 1-page Abstract with your Extended Abstract.

*** IF YOU MISTAKENLY FILLED WRONG TITLE, AUTHORS' NAMES, OR INSTITUTIONS' NAMES IN IEEE COPYRIGHT TRANSFER FORM DURING THE 1-PAGE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION, you must submit your extended abstract by creating a new submission! Do not edit your existing submission ***
1/ IEEE Compliant Extended Abstract
  • Prepare an Extended Abstract by modifying your 1-page abstract that you already submitted. Note that only abstracts which use our template will be accepted for publication! Template in Word format, .doc or .docx (to check any platform-dependent incompatibilities of the format, please also see the PDF version).
  • An Extended Abstract must be within 2 pages for an oral or poster contribution, 3 pages for a keynote talk, and 4 pages for a plenary talk.
  • Click on the IEEE PDF eXpress link https://www.pdf-express.org/ and log in with the Conference ID 43657X and with the same account as you used to submit your 1-page abstract. Use again the existing Paper ID by clicking "Try Again" option and convert your Word abstract file into PDF format. The generated pdf file will be sent to you by email.
2/ Submit your Extended Abstract by replacing your One-page Abstract
  • Go to the abstract submission platform (from the link below) and log into the system (you will need to generate a new password).
  • Click "Abstracts" -> "Your Submissions" and click the title of your abstract to go to your existing submission.
  • Proceed to "Abstract Details" step and click "Attach ..." button to go to "Abstract Attach" step. PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING ELSE other than uploading your extended abstract.
  • Delete the existing 1-page abstract by clicking "Delete" button. Then, upload the converted PDF abstract file by clicking "Attach" button.
  • Proceed to "Abstract Summary and Submit" button and click "Confirm" button.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification of your Extended Abstract submission.
 Link to Abstract Submission platform


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