This is not the finalized version. We are compiling the final program including time schedules, list of co-authors, affiliations and presenting authors.

       MONDAY 2 September      


Mo-AM-1 Gyrotron 1
Mo-AM-1-1 4429842 THALES TH1507 140 GHz 1 MW CW Gyrotron For W7-X Stellarator Leggieri
Mo-AM-1-2 4428671 High-efficiency Long-pulse Operation Of MW-level Dual-frequency Gyrotron 84/126GHz For The TCV Tokamak Alberti
Mo-AM-1-3 4418564 DEMO-Relevant Gyrotron Research At KIT Avramidis
Mo-AM-1-4 4430700 Powerful Continuous-Wave Sub-Terahertz Large-Orbit Gyrotron Kalynov
Mo-AM-1-5 4433363 Megawatt-Power Dual Frequency Gyrotrons For Modern Fusion Facilities Popov
Mo-AM-2 Solid State 1 
Mo-AM-2-1 4460240 2D THz Spectroscopic Investigation Of Ballistic Conduction-band Electron Dynamics In InSb Houver
Mo-AM-2-2 4428637 Excitonic Terahertz Emission From Silicon At Steady-State Interband Photoexcitation Zakhar'in
Mo-AM-2-3 4456904 Background-free Spectroscopy Of Impurity Transitions In Semiconductors With A Continuous-wave Terahertz Photomixer Source Wienold
Mo-AM-2-4 4459518 Tunable Stokes Shift In Uniaxially Stressed Silicon With Shallow Donors Pavlov


Mo-AM-3 Metrology
Mo-AM-3-1 4415995 Metrology Of Complex Refractive Index For Solids In The Terahertz Regime Using Frequency Domain Spectroscopy Chick
Mo-AM-3-2 4456899 Comparison Of Waveguide And Free-Space Power Measurement In The Millimeter-Wave Range Steiger
Mo-AM-3-3 4432555 Average-Power-Scaling Of Broadband THz Radiation To 50mW Buldt
Mo-AM-3-4 4460045 Nicolson-Ross-Weir Method Using 1-port Network Analyzer For MmW And THz Material Characterization Sahin
Mo-AM-3-5 4423443 Terahertz Continuous Wave System For Measuring Sub-100-µ M-thick Samples Using Gouy Phase Shift Interferometry Choi


Mo-AM-4 THz detectors 1   
Mo-AM-4-1 4416279 A Photomultiplier Tube With Sensitivity In The Entire Terahertz- And Infrared Frequency Range Lange
Mo-AM-4-2 4454307 Plasmonic Nanocavities For High-Responsivity And Broadband Terahertz Detection Yardimci
Mo-AM-4-3 4459718 Efficient Terahertz Detection With Perfectly-Absorbing Metasurface Hale
Mo-AM-4-4 4460117 Grating-assisted Electro-optic Sampling For Enhanced THz Detection Efficiency. Halpin
Mo-AM-4-5 4459845 Detection Of THz-waves Using The Photomixing Approach Constantin
Mo-AM-4-6 4429979 Development of Multistage Terahertz Wave Parametric Detector Sakai


Mo-AM-5 THz TDS 1   
Mo-AM-5-1 4455687 Time-Domain Detection Of The Electric Field And Its Conjugate Variable In Ultrabroadband Electro-Optic Sampling Sulzer
Mo-AM-5-2 4428054 SLD-driven Terahertz Cross-correlation Spectroscopy Molter
Mo-AM-5-3 4431681 Single-shot Detection Of Terahertz Waveforms Using Non-collinear Time-encoding Technique Izumi
Mo-AM-5-4 4460155 Jones Matrix Calibration And Determination Of The Precision Of Terahertz Time-domain Polarimetry Based On Spinning E-O Sampling Technique Xu
Mo-AM-5-5 4422365 Time-resolved Optical Pump -THz Ellipsometer Probe Measurements Kang


Mo-AM-6 QCL 1    
Mo-AM-6-1 4431939 Sub-terahertz Quantum-cascade Laser Source Based On Difference-frequency Generation Fujita
Mo-AM-6-2 4458219 High-quality N-type Ge/SiGe Multilayers For THz Quantum Cascade Laser De Seta
Mo-AM-6-3 4458944 1.65 THz Spanning Homogeneous THz Quantum Cascade Laser: Comb Operation And Injection Locking Forrer
Mo-AM-6-4 4459407 Si-based N-type THz Quantum Cascade Emitter Stark
Mo-AM-6-5 4449421 Stabilizing A Terahertz Quantum-cascade Laser Using Near-infrared Optical Excitation Alam


Mo-AM-7 Gas spectro. & sensing 1   
Mo-AM-7-1 4460042 High-precision Mid-infrared Spectroscopy With A Widely Tuneable SI-traceable Frequency-comb-stabilised QCL Darquié
Mo-AM-7-2 4428435 Gas Spectroscopy At 222 - 270 GHz Based On SiGe BiCMOS Using A Multi-Pass Ring Cell Rothbart
Mo-AM-7-3 4457686 Tabletop Terahertz Chemical Sensor For Breath Analysis And Analytical Gas Sensing Medvedev
Mo-AM-7-4 4459549 An Integrated Photoacoustic Terahertz Gas Sensor Verstuyft
Mo-AM-7-5 4457642 Broadband Terahertz Heterodyne Spectrometer Exploiting Synchrotron Radiation At Sub-megahertz Resolution Turut



Mo-PM1-1 Gyrotron 2
Mo-PM1-1-1 4429275 Dynamics Of Multimode Gyrotron Locked By Quasi-Monochromatic External Signal Novozhilova
Mo-PM1-1-2 4432546
1.2 THz Second Harmonic Gyrotron With Selective Groove
Mo-PM1-1-3 4432496 High Power Millimeter Waves Generated By An Overmoded Relativistic Cherenkov-type Oscillator JU
Mo-PM1-1-4 4428159 Long-pulse High-efficiency Relativistic Cherenkov Oscillators At L- And S- Bands GE
Mo-PM1-1-5 4451583 Mechanisms Of Submillimeter Wave Generation By Kiloampere REB In A Plasma Column With Strong Density Gradients Arzhannikov
Mo-PM1-1-6 4457687 THz Cherenkov Oscillator With Surface-Radiating Modes Khutoryan
Mo-PM1-1-7 4460302 Simulation Of Secondary Electrons In A Megawatt-Class Gyrotron Collector With Voltage Depression And Magnetic Sweeping Cauffman


Mo-PM1-2 Solid State 2   
Mo-PM1-2-1 4431196 Unveiling Temperature-Dependent Scattering Mechanisms In Semiconductor Nanowires Using Optical-Pump Terahertz-Probe Spectroscopy Boland
Mo-PM1-2-2 4417974 Time-Resolved THz Spectroscopy Of Metal-Halide Perovskite Single Crystals And Polycrystalline Thin Films Xia
Mo-PM1-2-3 4425506 The Observation Of Spin Reorientation Phase Transition In Sm1-xErxFeO3 Koike
Mo-PM1-2-4 4433956 Enhanced Generation Of THz Radiation In The Island Films Of Topological Insulators Bi2-xSbxTe3-ySey Kuznetsov
Mo-PM1-2-5 4432542 Analysis Of Glass Transition Temperatures In Indomethacin Polymer Mixtures Zaczek
Mo-PM1-2-6 4460373 Coexistence Of Ferromagnetic And Superconducting Domains In Co-doped BaFe2As2 Superconductors Probed Using Infrared Faraday Measurements Cerne
Mo-PM1-2-7 4458197 THz Driven Dynamics In Mott Insulator GaTa4Se8 Abreu


Mo-PM1-3-1 4432504 Terahertz Pulse Trapping Beyond The Delay-Bandwidth Limit Chamanara
Mo-PM1-3-2 4459241 Nonlinearity Of Ultrafast Anomalous Hall Currents In GaAs Rana
Mo-PM1-3-3 4454833 Ultrafast Dynamics Of Hydroxyl Radical Observed By Its FID Radiation In Magnetic Field Kubarev
Mo-PM1-3-4 4458257 Ultrafast Metallization In NbO2 Studied By Pump-probe THz Spectroscopy Kar
Mo-PM1-3-5 4460031 Nonlinearity Of Ultrafast Anomalous Hall Currents In GaAs Dresler
Mo-PM1-3-6 4432154 THz Response Of Metallic Structures To Femtosecond Laser Pulses Oladyshkin
Mo-PM1-3-7 4459484 Surface THz Emission From Germanium Nevinskas


Mo-PM1-4 2D materials 1   
Mo-PM1-4-1 4461079 THz Excited State Level Spacing In Encapsulated Graphene Quantum Dots Riccardi
Mo-PM1-4-2 4432105 PT-Symmetric Terahertz Photoconductivity In Hg1-xCdxTe Khokhlov
Mo-PM1-4-3 4460136 Conductivity Measurement Of Graphene On Thin Polymeric Film By Broadband Air-plasma THz Spectroscopy Zhou
Mo-PM1-4-4 4458754 Unveiling The Plasma Wave In The Channel Of Graphene Field-effect Transistor Soltani
Mo-PM1-4-5 4460370 Excitation And Amplification Of The Unidirectionally Propagating Terahertz Plasmon In A Periodical Graphene Structure Fateev
Mo-PM1-4-6 4459882 Experimental Investigation Of Graphene Layers As 2D Nanoelectrode For Continuous Wave Terahertz Generation Jumaah
Mo-PM1-4-7 4458896 Modulation Behaviors Conductivities And Carrier Dynamics Of Single And Multilayer Graphenes Kaya


M0-PM1-5  THz TDS 2  
Mo-PM1-5-1 4459834 THz TDS System With 105 DB Dynamic Range Based On Transition Metal Doped InGaAs Kohlhaas
Mo-PM1-5-2 4432436 Comb-locked Frequency-domain Terahertz Spectrometer Puppe
Mo-PM1-5-3 4425565 Rapid Thickness Measurement With A SLAPCOPS-based Terahertz TDS System Kolano
Mo-PM1-5-4 4423339 Deep Learning Approach For Removal Of Water Vapor Effects From
THz-TDS Signals
Mo-PM1-5-5 4459617 Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Up To 20 THz Based On Organic Electro-Optic Crystals Günter
Mo-PM1-5-6 4449199 Terahertz Time-domain Magneto-optic Spectroscopy Without The Polarization-resolution Technique Nagai
Mo-PM1-5-7 4416632 Characterization Of Thin Film Liquids By Multilayer Structure In THz Time Domain Reflection Spectroscopy Sun


Mo-PM1-6 QCL 2   
Mo-PM1-6-1 4456770 Frequency Noise And Phase-locking Of A Quantum Cascade Laser-pumped 1.073THz Molecular Laser Using A 1560nm Frequency Comb Barbieri
Mo-PM1-6-2 4458305 High-resolution Frequency And Phase Control Of A Terahertz Laser A Mohandas
Mo-PM1-6-3 4458783 Dispersion Measurements Of Terahertz Quantum Cascade Fabry-Perot Cavities And VECSELs Olariu
Mo-PM1-6-4 4459595 THz Quantum Cascade Lasers Operating Up To 210 K Franckie
Mo-PM1-6-5 4460086 THz Quantum Cascade Laser Frequency Combs mezzapesa
Mo-PM1-6-6 4460127 Gain Dynamics In THz QCLs And Its Implication For THz Comb Sources Derntl
Mo-PM1-6-7 4459257 Self-Mixing Interferometry In Continuous-Wave High Power 1D And 2D QCL Random Lasers Operating At Terahertz Frequencies Reichel


M0-PM2-1 Gyrotron 3 
Mo-PM2-1-1 4426861 Development Of A Second Harmonic Multi-Frequency Gaussian Beam Output Gyrotron FU CW GVII Tatematsu
Mo-PM2-1-2 4439440 ECRH With 10 Gyrotrons At W7-X -- Achievements And Enhancements Braune
Mo-PM2-1-3 4432291 A 35GHz 100kW Klystron Amplifier Design Zhu
Mo-PM2-1-4 4426106
Microwave-Band Chirped Pulse Amplification Technique Based On A System Of Helically Corrugated Waveguides
Mo-PM2-1-5 4434388 High-Gradient Test Results Of W-Band Accelerator Structures Othman


Mo-PM2-2  Solid State 3  
Mo-PM2-2-1 4407568 Terahertz Anomalous Hall Effect In Mn2-xPtSn Liu
Mo-PM2-2-2 4459466 Nonlinear Modulation Of Optical Absorption In Orthoferrites Due To Spin Precession Induced By Intense Terahertz Magnetic Field Kurihara
Mo-PM2-2-3 4458178 Ultrafast Terahertz Magnetometry Zhang
Mo-PM2-2-4 4459630 Terahertz Pulsed-field Magneto-spectrometer At Room-temperature Lampin
Mo-PM2-2-5 4459830 Magnon-polaritons In Dysprosium Ferrite Bialek
Mo-PM2-2-6 4459900 Magnetoelectric Excitations In Polar Antiferromagnetic Nickel Tellurates Substituted By Mn And Co Kadlec
Mo-PM2-2-7 4458227
Ultrafast Magnetic Response In ε-Fe2O3 Nano Magnet Measured By Terahertz-pump Optical-Faraday-probe Measurement


Mo-PM2-3 High fields 1   
Mo-PM2-3-1 4451536 Strong-field THz Nonlinearity On Gold Nanofilms Hong
Mo-PM2-3-2 4459844 Terahertz-Driven Manipulation Of A Relativistic 35 MeV Electron Beam Hibberd
Mo-PM2-3-3 4421063 Generation Of A Few Cycle Terahertz Pulse In Aperiodically Poled Lithium Niobate By Sequence Of Pump Pulses Avetisyan
Mo-PM2-3-4 4431780 Frequency-and-polarization-controllable High-power THz Wave Generation Using Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystal Yoshimine
Mo-PM2-3-5 4457294 Exceptionally High THz Energy Densities Generated From Organic Crystals Pumped With Mid- Infrared Pulses Gollner
Mo-PM2-3-6 4459960 Towards MJ-level Ultrashort Terahertz Generated By Optical Rectification With A Compact Terawatt Laser Courjaud


Mo-PM2-3 2D materials 2   
Mo-PM2-3-1 4456749 Cavity-mediated Bound Excitons Cortese
Mo-PM2-3-2 4459463 The Upper Branch Broadening In Ultrastrongly Coupled THz Landau Polaritons Rajabali
Mo-PM2-3-3 4460075 A New Tunable Topological Platform With Terahertz Band Gap: Pb1-xSnxSe Krizman
Mo-PM2-3-4 4458080 Control Of Terahertz Nonlinearity In Graphene By Gating Hafez Eid
Mo-PM2-3-5 4459322 Nonlocal Photoresponse In Epitaxial Hg1-xCdxTe Films With The Inverted Band Structure Kazakov
Mo-PM2-3-6 4459999 Hot Carrier Recombination Close To The Dirac Point In Graphene-hBN Van Der Waals Heterostructures Huang


Mo-PM2-5 Materials 1     
Mo-PM2-5-1 4459514 Optoelectronic Properties Of Tin-Based Hybrid Metal Halide Perovskite Thin Films For Photovoltaics Milot
Mo-PM2-5-2 4460320 Improved Terahertz Effective Media Models For Mixtures Of Polar Liquids Zhou
Mo-PM2-5-3 4456216 Investigation Of Laser-Patterned Silicon Transmittance In The Frequency Range Of 0.1-4.7 THz Svirplys
Mo-PM2-5-4 4458755 Retrieving Permittivity Model Parameters For Polar Liquids And Multilayer Systems Through THz-TDS Time-trace Data Analysis Lavancier
Mo-PM2-5-5 4416812 Observation Of Phase Change Of Methane Hydrate Using THz Waves Matsumura
Mo-PM2-5-6 4433868 Redox Chemistry In Eumelanin Gagkaeva


Mo-PM2-6 Instrum. biology   
Mo-PM2-6-1 4458866 An Ultrasensitive Terahertz Microfluidic Chip Based On Fano Resonance Of A Few Arrays Of Meta-atoms Serita
Mo-PM2-6-2 4428035 An Optical Instrument For The Submillimeter Spectroscopy Of The Volatile Metabolome Bondu
Mo-PM2-6-3 4460098 Towards Broadband THz Spectroscopy And Analysis Of Sub-wavelength-size Biological Samples Mitryukovskiy
Mo-PM2-6-4 4707669 Technique For Recording THz Response From Bio-Tissue. Fomin
Mo-PM2-6-5 4460130 Quantification Of DsDNA Functionalization Efficiency In THz Biosensors Weisenstein
Mo-PM2-6-6 4428114 Pressure Controlled In Vivo THz Measurements Of Skin: Monitoring The Effects Of Moisturizers Lindley


       TUESDAY 3 September       



Gyrotron 4
Tu-AM-1-1 4432374 Gyro-TWTs With Helically Corrugated Waveguides: Overview Of The Main Principles Denisov
Tu-AM-1-2 4422703 Recent Progress In K-band Technological Gyrotrons Development Glyavin
Tu-AM-1-3 4422698 Frequency-Tunable Reflective Gyro-BWO Chang
Tu-AM-1-4 4458408 Broadband Terahertz Frequency Comb Generation From Guided Mode Resonance Excited By Fast Electrons Zhao
Tu-AM-1-5 4424947 Recent Development For THz Vacuum Electronic Devices In IAE Chen


Supercond. devices
Tu-AM-2-1 4457855 Development Of High-Tc Superconducting THz Emitters Kashiwagi
Tu-AM-2-2 4456390 Semiconducting Y-Ba-Cu-O Thin Film Detectors At Room Temperature: Front End And Back End Design Issues From Near To Far Infrared Degardin
Tu-AM-2-3 4414173 Towards Classical Josephson Terahertz Detector Divin
Tu-AM-2-4 4426951 Detailed Design Of NbN Based Kinetic Inductance Detectors For Polarimetric Diagnostics Mazzocchi
Tu-AM-2-5 4433841 Monolithic Terahertz Emitter Of High-temperature Superconductors Kakeya


High fields 2
Tu-AM-3-1 4424167 Generation Of MV/cm Longitudinal Terahertz Electric Fields From Relativistic Laser-solid Interactions Woldegeorgis
Tu-AM-3-2 4432612 Energy Spread And Emittance Control In Segmented High Field Terahertz Driven Electron Accelerators Zhang
Tu-AM-3-3 4457942 High Harmonic Generation In Metallic Phase Of 2H-NbSe_2 Shimomua
Tu-AM-3-4 4458654 Terahertz Generation By Kerr Effect At Metal Surfaces Muller
Tu-AM-3-5 4459002 Extremely High Field Single-cycle Terahertz Pulse Sources Based On Echelon Structures Tóth


Telecom 1
Tu-AM-4-1 4458329 Simulation And Automatic Planning Of 300 GHz Backhaul Links Jung
Tu-AM-4-2 4417851 Bidirectional K-Band Photonic/Wireless Link For 5G Communications Morales
Tu-AM-4-3 4425471 Scattering Analysis Of Terahertz Wireless Links By Rough Surfaces Mittleman
Tu-AM-4-4 4429484 Direct Terahertz Communications With Wireless And Fiber Links Yu
Tu-AM-4-5 4458319 Towards Super-heterodyne THz Links Pumped By Photonic Local Oscillators Dan


Tu-AM-5-1 4432266 Quantum Well Infrared Detectors In The Strong Light-matter Coupling Regime Vigneron
Tu-AM-5-2 4460697 High Speed Quantum Well Infrared Heterodyne Receivers At 4.5µm vallet
Tu-AM-5-3 4456332 Far And Mid IR Stimulated Emission In HgCdTe QW Heterostructures Gavrilenko
Tu-AM-5-4 4457796 Room Temperature THz Intersubband Transitions In Continuously-graded AlxGa1-xAs Parabolic Quantum Wells Deimert
Tu-AM-5-5 4460036 High Sensitivity 9μm Metamaterial Infrared QC Detectors At 300K Bigioli


Metamaterials 1
Tu-AM-6-1 4415524 Broadband Achromatic Metalens In Terahertz Regime Zhu
Tu-AM-6-2 4431857 Terahertz 3D Components Made From Metamaterials Nakao
Tu-AM-6-3 4432117 Realizing Sub-diffraction Focusing For Terahertz Iba
Tu-AM-6-4 4459854 All-dielectri Guided-mode Resonance Filters In Thz Region Bark
Tu-AM-6-5 4458358 Extraordinary THz Absorption In 2D Material-dielectric Integrated Metasurfaces Arezoomandan


Gas spectro. & sensing 2
Tu-AM-7-1 4460063 High-resolution Fast Terahertz Time-domain Gas Spectroscopy Based On A Fine Comb Spectral Structure Of The NovoFEL Getmanov
Tu-AM-7-2 4429571 Free Induction Decay Signals Stimulated By Photomixing Ducourneau
Tu-AM-7-3 4448805 Terahertz Differential Absorption Spectroscopy Using Multi-Furcated Nd:YAG Microchip Laser For Gas Sensing Ikeo
Tu-AM-7-4 4455075 Determining DHO Detection Limits For A Frequency Domain THz Spectrometer Coupled To A Light-weight Multi-pass Sample Cell Demers
Tu-AM-7-5 4460313 THz/Far-IR Capabilities & Applications At The Australian Synchrotron Appadoo


Gyrotron 5
Tu-PM1-1-1 4459721 Characterization Of The Accelerating Mode Of A Terahertz-driven Dielectric-lined Waveguide Designed For Electron Beam Manipulation Georgiadis
Tu-PM1-1-2 4432237 First Operation Of Ka-band High-current Relativistic Gyrotron Leontyev
Tu-PM1-1-3 4422695 An Experimental Investigation Of A 0.8 THz Gyrotron With An Improved Mode Selection Glyavin
Tu-PM1-1-4 4409922 Observation Of Multi-Peak Frequency Spectrum In A High Power Sub-THz Gyrotron Saito
Tu-PM1-1-5 4433745 Demonstration Of A High Power Frequency-Tunable 0.22-THz Gyrotron Operating In High-Order Axial Modes Guan
Tu-PM1-1-6 4411197 95 GHz Gyrotron With Water Cooled Magnet And High Average Power Pilossof
Tu-PM1-1-7 4428714 Multibeam And Multibarrel Gyrotrons Zapevalov


Solid State 4
Tu-PM1-2-1 4427223 Infrared/Terahertz Photogalvanic Spectroscopy Of Three And Two Dimensional Topological Insulators Ganichev
Tu-PM1-2-2 4457492 Terahertz Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy using An Ultrathin Membrane Device
Tu-PM1-2-3 4460372 Influence Of Cu-doping On Terahertz Conductivity And Temperature-driven Phase Transition In NdNiO3 Thin Films Chandra
Tu-PM1-2-4 4432159 Calculating The Complex Permittivity Of Powdered Crystalline Materials Burnett
Tu-PM1-2-5 4454933 Spin And Lattice Dynamics Of Multiferroic SrMn7O12 Studied By THz And Infrared Spectroscopies At Low Temperatures And In Magnetic Field Kadlec
Tu-PM1-2-6 4456319 Identification And Characterization Of 'Killer-Modes' In Organic Semiconductors With Terahertz Spectroscopy Banks
Tu-PM1-2-7 4458508 Effects Of Low Content Enantiomer Impurity In L-histidine Crystal Observed By Terahertz Spectroscopy Sasaki


THz devices 1
Tu-PM1-3-1 4424400 Free-space Coupling Of Terahertz Whispering-gallery Modes Vogt
Tu-PM1-3-2 4425696 Terahertz Polarization Splitter Based On Parallel-plate Waveguide Technology Hernandez-Serrano
Tu-PM1-3-3 4460325 High-Performance Frequency Selective Surface Filters For Terahertz Applications Kuznetsov
Tu-PM1-3-4 4429476 Giant Dual-mode Graphene-based THz Modulator Du
Tu-PM1-3-5 4460028 Photonic Bandgap Bragg Waveguide-based Terahertz Microfluidic Sensor Cao
Tu-PM1-3-6 4458296 Efficient ultrafast THz modulators based on negative photconductivity in controllably doped carbon nanotubes Lloyd-Hughes
Tu-PM1-3-7 4424068 Engineered Silicon For Efficient Mm-Wave And THz Modulators Barr


Telecom 2
Tu-PM1-3-1 4459604 12.5-Gbit/s Wireless Link At 720 GHz Based On Photonics Nagatsuma
Tu-PM1-3-2 4420102 The Influence Of RF Front-End Imperfections On Performance Of A 220-260 GHz Tunable M-QAM Wireless Link In SiGe HBT Technology Grzyb
Tu-PM1-3-3 4422300 A Metal Wire Waveguide For Terabit DSL Shrestha
Tu-PM1-3-4 4456776 PIN Photodiode Emitter For 32 GBd 16QAM Wireless Link At 300 GHz Nellen
Tu-PM1-3-5 4458327 300 GHz Wireless Communication Systems Exploiting The Benefits Of Combining Photonic And Electronic Transceiver Components Kalfass
Tu-PM1-3-6 4458331 300 GHz-band 50 Gbit/s Dual Channel Link Using Industrial Silicon Photonics Technology Belem
Tu-PM1-3-7 4458474 Millimeter Wave Vacuum Electronic Amplifiers For High Data Rate Communication Pan


Nano-quantum devices 1
Tu-PM1-5-1 4428041 Ultra-Small Mode Volume Three-Dimensional THz LC Metamaterial Jeannin
Tu-PM1-5-2 4457075 High Performance Graphene Ballistic Rectifiers For THz Detection Zhang
Tu-PM1-5-3 4431568 Ultrastrong Coupling Of Plasmonic Metamaterials And Photons In A Terahertz Photonic Crystal Cavity Meng
Tu-PM1-5-4 4433330 Towards Millimeter-Wave Based Quantum Networks Stokowski
Tu-PM1-5-5 4459961 Sliver Nanowire Surface Plasmon Polaritons Enhancement In Terahertz Nanodevices Al-Daffaie
Tu-PM1-5-6 4459939 Nano-FTIR Spectroscopy Of Intersubband Polaritons In Single Nanoantenna Mitrofanov
Tu-PM1-5-7 4458581 Semiconductor Quantum Plasmonics Vasanelli


Metamaterials 2
Tu-PM1-6-1 4446885 Spectroscopic Evidence Of Bloch Surface Waves In The Mid Infrared Ortolani
Tu-PM1-6-2 4453576 High Q-factor Coupled Fabry-Perot Plasmonic Nanoresonator FIX
Tu-PM1-6-3 4414898 Study Of Terahertz High Q-factor All-Dielectric Metamaterials He
Tu-PM1-6-4 4417815 Modes And Pseudo-modes In TE Extraordinary THz Transmission Freer
Tu-PM1-6-5 4458041 Fano Resonance In Terahertz Superconducting Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 Metamaterials Wu
Tu-PM1-6-6 4413507 Manipulation On Terahertz Slow Light In Symmetry Broken Meta-molecules ZHAO
Tu-PM1-6-7 4457033 Ultrastrong Coupling Experiments With Superradiant Meta-atoms Wenclawiak



Films and coatings
Tu-PM2-1-1 4433290 Investigation Of Multi-layered 20th Century Painting By THz Imaging Fukunaga
Tu-PM2-1-2 4457968 Mobile Handheld FMCW Terahertz Multilayer Thickness Inspection Schreiner
Tu-PM2-1-3 4430890 Ancient Painting On Copper Substrate Inspected By Terahertz Spectroscopy-imaging Cassar
Tu-PM2-1-4 4460124 Operational Readiness Levels For Terahertz Automotive Paint Inspection May
Tu-PM2-1-5 4460099 Terahertz Non-Destructive Thickness Characterization Of Optically Thin Wüstite Layers On Steel Citrin
Tu-PM2-1-6 4413337 Learning-Based Shadow Mitigation For Terahertz Multi-Layer Imaging Wang


Applications 1
Tu-PM2-2-1 4434454 Remote Liquid Inspection With Carbon Nanotube Terahertz Detectors Sun
Tu-PM2-2-2 4460230 Terahertz Diagnostics At Accelerators Using Radio Frequency-driven Frequency Combs Based On Telecommunication Technology Bruendermann
Tu-PM2-2-3 4419947 Spoilage Of Salmon Fillets As Observed By THz Waves Hindle
Tu-PM2-2-4 4431982 Towards Detection Of Helical Orientated Cellulose Structures In Wood Using THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Cao
Tu-PM2-2-5 4459920 Industrial Applications With Semiconductor-Based CW Terahertz System LEE
Tu-PM2-2-6 4457801 Inspection Of Oils Caffeine Containing Foods And Consumable Plant Leaves By Time-domain THz Spectroscopy Karaliūnas


THz devices 2
Tu-PM2-3-1 4427962 Terahertz Beam Steering Based On Luneburg Lens Sato
Tu-PM2-3-2 4454587 Dielectric-Grating In-Lens Polarizer For Beyond 5G Communications Arias Campo
Tu-PM2-3-3 4458169 Low-loss Planar Porous Components For Terahertz Beamforming Guerboukha
Tu-PM2-3-4 4425041 Characterization Of A Terahertz Isolator Using A 1.5 Port Vector Spectrometer Faridi
Tu-PM2-3-5 4431224 Quasi-analytical Analysis Of A Double Slit Planar Dielectric Waveguide As Broadband Dispersion Compensating Element Méndez Aller
Tu-PM2-3-6 4458829 Device For Broadband THz Spectroscopy Of 1-nL-volume Samples Mitryukovskiy


Biology/Medicine 1
Tu-PM2-4-1 4460276 Genomic Mechanisms Of THz-Induced Cancer Dysregulation In Human Skin Hough
Tu-PM2-3-2 4426335 Do Humans "shine" In The Sub THz? Feldman
Tu-PM2-4-3 4459946 The Study Of The Optical Properties Of Serous And Mucous Tissues Of The Human Stomach Grigorev
Tu-PM2-4-4 4423094 Measurements Of Effective Porosity Of Pharmaceutical Tablets Using THz TDS Tikhomirov
Tu-PM2-4-5 4430536 Quasi-one-dimensional Terahertz Phononic Band Gap In Phospholipid Tails Wang
Tu-PM2-4-6 4454592 Non-Destructive Characterization Of Pharmaceutical Tablets Using Terahertz Frequency Domain Spectroscopy MoradiKouchi


Materials 2
Tu-PM2-5-1 4426432 Can We Observe Vibrational Confinement In Lyophilised Protein Using Terahertz Spectroscopy? Shmool
Tu-PM2-5-2 4429105 Broadband Spectroscopy Of Materials With An Integrated Comb-Based Millimeter-Wave Detector Jamali
Tu-PM2-5-3 4458424 THz Absorption And Refraction Of KTA Crystal At Low Temperatures huang
Tu-PM2-5-4 4434363 Mechanism Between Material Microstructures And Terahertz Dielectric Properties Yang
Tu-PM2-5-5 4425558 Time-resolved THz Spectroscopy Of Conducting Polymers Degert
Tu-PM2-5-6 4411619 Dynamics Of Hydrogen Bonds And Cross-linked Structures In Polyurethane film Observed By Terahertz Spectroscopy Hoshina
Tu-PM2-5-7 4427361 Temperature Dependent Giant Birefringence And Dichroism Of A BiFeO3 Single Crystal In The Terahertz Frequency Jin
Tu-PM2-5-8 4420513 Competing Interplay Of Photo-thermal And Photo-doping Effect During Light-induced Ultrafast Insulator-to-Metal Transition In VO2 Nanofilms At Terahertz Frequency Zhai


Metamaterials 3
Tu-PM2-6-1 4432188 THz Resonances With Infinite Lifetime In Array Of Gold Resonators ter Huurne
Tu-PM2-6-2 4412244 Broadband Terahertz Quarter-Wave Plate Design  You
Tu-PM2-6-3 4419613 Broadband And Wide—Angle Terahertz Reflective Half—Wave Plate Ako
Tu-PM2-6-4 4459127 Femtosecond Laser Processing And Evaluation Of Broadband THz Anti-Reflection Structures Sakurai
Tu-PM2-6-5 4456610 Free-standing Meta-surface On Ultrathin Si Substrate For High-transmission Phase Shift In The 3.0-THz Band Hayashi
Tu-PM2-6-6 4418461 Broadband Terahertz Quarter-wave Plates Via Multipolar-interference-assisted All-dielectric Metamaterials Wang


       WEDNESDAY 4 September       



THz Water
We-AM-1-1 4413762 Hertz-to-terahertz Dielectric Response Of Nanoconfined Water Molecules Belyanchikov
We-AM-1-2 4460378 Collective Dynamics Of Nanoconfined Water In Phospholipid Multilamellar Vesicles Studied By Broadband Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy Eom
We-AM-1-3 4459919 Intermolecular Probe For The Structural Deformation Of Liquid Water Around Highly Charged Ions Balos
We-AM-1-4 4457635 Quantum Critical Behavior Of Nanoconfined Water Molecules Zhukova
We-AM-1-5 4458504 Hydration Numbers From Ab Initio Water Reorientation Dynamics Kim


PC devices 1
We-AM-2-1 4459827 Highly Efficient Scalable Semiconductor Terahertz Sources Polonyi
We-AM-2-2 4457185 Generation Of A Guided Mode In A THz Semiconductor Waveguide using Excitation By A Tilted Optical Pulse Front Islam
We-AM-2-3 4446413 Advanced Photoconductive Terahertz Near-field Microprobes For 1550 Nm Wavelength Operation Based On InGaAs:Rh Nagel
We-AM-2-4 4458131 Photoconductive Arrays For High-Field Terahertz Generation Bacon
We-AM-2-5 4457457 Rapid Accurate And Precise Terahertz Polarization Modulation And Ellipsometry With Multi-pixel Interdigitated Photoconductive Emitters Mosley


High fields 3
We-AM-3-1 4460060 Examining Nonlinear Terahertz Photonic And Phononic Excitation With Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy Johnson
We-AM-3-2 4459121 Cavity Enhanced Third Harmonic Generation From Si:B Pumped With Intense Terahertz Pulses Meng
We-AM-3-3 4459163 Terahertz-Induced Electron Emission From A Gold Surface Li
We-AM-3-4 4460293 Ultrafast Magnetic Recording With Terahertz Light Radu
We-AM-3-5 4459365 Nonlinear THz Field Applications In Free Space Koulouklidis


We-AM-4-1 4458108 Independent Control Of Mode Selection And Power Extraction In Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers Yu
We-AM-4-2 4427926 THz Quantum Cascade Lasers With Optimized Beam Divergence Liu
We-AM-4-3 4429504 Dispersion And Ridge Width Effect In Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser Combs Wan
We-AM-4-4 4433278 Patch Antenna Microcavities THz Quantum Cascade Lasers Perez-Urquizo
We-AM-4-5 4449615 High-Speed Modulation Of A Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser Using Coherent Acoustic Phonon Pulses Dunn


MMW (active)
We-AM-5-1 4429252 Development And Flight Qualification Of The Millimeterwave Receivers For The NASA TROPICS CubeSat Constellation Mission Blackwell
We-AM-5-2 4460090 High-Power MM-Wave Frequency Multipliers Cojocari
We-AM-5-3 4433706 GaAs Schottky Components For 300 GHz Communication Systems Using A Resonator Impedance Matching Approach Lancaster
We-AM-5-4 4454491 A 240 GHz Active Multiplier-Based Signal Source For MillimeterWave/Terahertz Applications Hossain
We-AM-5-5 4459843 European Schottky-Diode Based Receiver Technology Cojocari


Electronic SC Devices 1
We-AM-6-1 4433236 Injection Locking Of Resonant Tunneling Diode Oscillator Using Coherent Terahertz Pulses Arikawa
We-AM-6-2 4432108 Intersubband Polaritons In Triple Barrier Resonant Tunneling Diodes Limbacher
We-AM-6-3 4450361 Graphene Field-Effect Transistors For Mm-Wave Amplifiers Vorobiev
We-AM-6-4 4454376 Wide Bandwidth Terahertz Mixers Based On Graphene FETs Yang
We-AM-6-5 4459374 Asymmetric Dual Grating Gate Graphene-based THz Detectors Delgado Notario



THz Plasma 1
We-PM1-1-1 4431269 Terahertz Aqueous Photonics And Beyond Jin
We-PM1-1-2 4458634 Terahertz Wave Generation From Liquid Nitrogen Shkurinov
We-PM1-1-3 4425072 Double Pulse Excitation For Enhancing THz Generation In Liquid Jets Ponomareva
We-PM1-1-4 4423532 Flexible Control Of Broadband Terahertz Radiations From Laser Plasmas Zhang


PC devices 2
We-PM1-2-1 4449974 Milliwatt-Class MHz Repetition-Rate THz Source Driven by A Sub-100 Fs High Power Thin-Disk Laser Meyer
We-PM1-2-2 4458841 Interdigitated Photoconductive Switches For Terahertz Pulses Emission With Electrical Control Of Polarization Maussang
We-PM1-2-3 4454795 Scalable Large-Area Terahertz Emitters With Improved Electrode Design Singh
We-PM1-2-4 4459584 Cavity Based THz Photoconductive Switch: Milliwatt Average Powers Hawecker


NLO generation 1
We-PM1-3-1 4451582 Low Noise And High Gain Terahertz Parametric Amplifier Murate
We-PM1-3-2 4425564 Generation Of THz Vortex Beam By Infrared Vector Beam Rectification Degert
We-PM1-3-3 4459874 Efficient Terahertz Generation And Detection Using CdTe Crystal Pumped By Ultrafast Ytterbium Laser ropagnol
We-PM1-3-4 4460229 Evidence For THz Superradiance In Optically-Pumped Nanoparticle Arrays Zhang


We-PM1-3-1 4458174 Long Waelength (λ = 10 - 18 μM) Mid-IR Quantum Cascade Lasers Operating In A Continuous Wave At Room Temperature Teissier
We-PM1-3-2 4460617 Active Harmonic Modelocking And Self-starting Harmonic Emission In THz QCLs Pistore
We-PM1-3-3 4423387 Compact Real-Time Terahertz Spectroscopy Based On Quantum Cascade Lasers Li
We-PM1-3-4 4415472 Dynamics Of Optically Mutual-injected Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers Chu


MMW (passive)
We-PM1-5-1 4459384 Dual-Band Leaky-Wave Lens Antenna For Submillimeter-Wave Heterodyne Instruments Bosma
We-PM1-5-2 4432648 A Compact Butler Matrix Design Based On Metallic Nano Wire Filled Membrane Technology And Tunable Phase Shifter At 160GHz Wang
We-PM1-5-3 4457939 High Performance On-Chip Array Antenna Based On Metasurface Feeding Structure For Terahertz Integrated Circuits Alibakhshikenari
We-PM1-5-4 4459317 Microfabrication And Study Of Planar Slow-Wave Structures For Low-Voltage V-band And W-band Vacuum Tubes Starodubov


We-PM1-6-1 4450108 Imaging Biological Samples Using Far- And Near-Filed THz Microscopy Wang
We-PM1-6-2 4459451 Sub-wavelength THz Imaging Through Optical Rectification Soylu
We-PM1-6-3 4461144 Anisotropic Terahertz Microscopy Of Protein Collective Vibrations: Crystal Symmetry And Hydration Dependence Markelz
We-PM1-6-4 4457565 Observation Of Bi2Te3/Te Striped Structures Using A Laser Terahertz Emission Microscope Murakami



THz Plasma 2
We-PM2-1-1 4457197 Highly Efficient Broadband THz Generation From Mid-IR Laser-Driven Plasma Gollner
We-PM2-1-2 4459899 Conical Vs Gaussian Terahertz Emission From Two-Color Laser-Induced Air Plasma Filaments Sørensen
We-PM2-1-3 4459591 Filamentation-assisted ΜJ THz Generation By 2-TW Laser Pulses In A Low-pressure Gas Nazarov
We-PM2-1-4 4431077 New Approach To THz Pulse Generation In Plasma Created By High-Intensity Laser Field Bogatskaya


Applications 2
We-PM2-2-1 4460270 Online Measurement Of Tire Ply Balance Duling
We-PM2-2-2 4457432 Highly Integrated Submillimeter-Wave Spectrometer For CubeSats Chattopadhyay
We-PM2-2-3 4456771 Investigating The Influence Of A Compact's Geometry On Its Pore Structure And Optical Properties Using Terahertz Spectroscopy Bawuah
We-PM2-2-4 4456869 On-site Inspection Of Conservation Works Using THz TDS Krügener


NLO generation 2
We-PM2-3-1 4458281 Improving The Efficiency Of Cherenkov-Type Terahertz Generation In LiNbO3 By Using Longer Wavelength Optical Pump Bodrov
We-PM2-3-2 4457508 Optical-to-THz Frequency Down-Conversion Utilizing Two-Dimensional Plasmons Manabe
We-PM2-3-3 4431737 Photonic Upconversion For THz Radiometry Santamaria Botello
We-PM2-3-4 4459106 Efficient Broadband Terahertz Generation From Organic Crystal BNA Using Near Infrared Pump Zhao


We-PM2-3-1 4457085 Ultrafast High-Field THz Beamline At X-ray FEL Stojanovic
We-PM2-3-2 4423415 Powerful Spatially-Extended Cherenkov Masers For Pumping Systems Of Compton FELs Peskov
We-PM2-3-3 4449213 Regime Of Multi-Stage Trapping In Free Electron Lasers Savilov
We-PM2-3-4 4457810 Accelerator-based Tunable THz Source For Pump-and-probe Experiments At The European X-ray Free-Electron Laser Facility Shaker


Metamaterials 4
We-PM2-5-1 4455307 Sensitive Biomolecule Sensing And Imaging Platforms Using Terahertz Metamaterials Seo
We-PM2-5-2 4459825 A Polarization Insensitive Metasurface For Terahertz Biosensing Applications Zhu
We-PM2-5-3 4459369 Labyrinth Metasurface-based Devices For High-sensitivity Thin Film Sensing Jauregui-Lopez
We-PM2-5-4 4459186 Terahertz Sensing Of Methyl Chlorpyrifos Using Carbon Nanotube Metamaterials Wang


Near-field 1
We-PM2-6-1 4429978 Mid-infrared Nano-tomography Of Topological Insulator Surfaces Mooshammer
We-PM2-6-2 4459201 Electrically Tunable THz Near-field Nano-imaging And Spectrum Of Split Graphene Ribbon Zhang
We-PM2-6-3 4459504 Near-field Spectrum Analysis Of TDS S-SNOM Wang
We-PM2-6-4 4460699 Modified AFM-tip For Infrared And THz Near Field Microscopy Akalin


       THURSDAY 5 September       


Imaging 1
Th-AM-1-1 4460385 Stationary Sample Anisotropic THz Spectroscopy Using Discretely Tunable THz Sources Markelz
Th-AM-1-2 4460145 Terahertz Homodyne Imaging For Inspection Of Low Absorbing Objects Jokubauskis
Th-AM-1-3 4458309 Optically Initiated Spatial Modulation Of THz Radiation At Far-field Distances Using A Compressed Sensing Protocol Augustin
Th-AM-1-4 4461063 Terahertz Imaging By THz→IR Conversion Salmon
Th-AM-1-5 4454807 Carbon-based Terahertz Zone Plates Ivaskeviciute


Th-AM-2-1 4429098 Continuous-Wave Electro-Optic Terahertz Dual-Comb Operating From 0.096 To 0.496 THz Using ErAs:In(Al)GaAs Photoconductors Fernandez Olvera
Th-AM-2-2 4458986 A Broadband Millimeter-wave Photomixing Emitter Array Employing UTC-PD And Planar Antenna Ali
Th-AM-2-3 4430692 LT-GaAs-based Photomixers With >2mW Peak Output Power Up To 320 GHz Bavedila
Th-AM-2-4 4433735 Wideband Radiation Pattern Simulation And Measurement Of A Photodiode-Based Continuous-Wave THz Emitter Kolpatzeck
Th-AM-2-5 4449885 Beam Profile Investigation Of An Optoelectronic Continuous-Wave Terahertz Emitter Smith


Instrum. astro 1
Th-AM-3-1 4613754 A Space Mission To Probe The Trail Of Water Goldsmith
Th-AM-3-2 4417488 First Light Results From A Novel Cryogenic Fabry-Perot Interferometer Naylor
Th-AM-3-3 4433882 Quasi-Optical System For The ASTE Telescope With 1:3 Bandwidth At Sub-mm Wave Dabironezare
Th-AM-3-4 4458362 Recent Progress In The Development Of French THz Schottky Diodes For Astrophysics Planetology And Atmospheric Study Gatilova
Th-AM-3-5 4423366 Far- And Mid-IR Heterodyne Detectors Based On MgB2 Karasik


Th-AM-4-1 4434439 Multi-view Terahertz Imagers With Flexible Carbon Nanotube Film Arrays Li
Th-AM-4-2 4421886 Resolution Limits In Lens-integrated CMOS THz Cameras Employing Super-Resolution Imaging Zatta
Th-AM-4-3 4460296 A CMOS Multispectral Imager With Terahertz And Visible Pixels Perenzoni
Th-AM-4-4 4422550 Far-Infrared Room-Temperature Focal Plane Modules For Polar Radiant Energy In The Far InfraRed Experiment Mariani
Th-AM-4-5 4460326 RIGI Camera For Real Time Ultrasensitive Terahertz Imaging Steinfeld


Metamaterials 5
Th-AM-5-1 4422692 Thermally Switchable Terahertz Metasurface Devices Zhang
Th-AM-5-2 4457510 Sensitive terahertz phase modulation via a co-planar HEMT-switched LC-dipole resonant metasuraface under low 2DEG carrier concentrations Lan
Th-AM-5-3 4459096 Tunable Terahertz Planar Lens Based On The Dynamic Meta-surface Chen
Th-AM-5-4 4458742 Broadband Terahertz Modulator Based On The Graded Gaps Guo
Th-AM-5-5 4460981 Extremely Low Threshold Optical Switching And Modulation Of Ion-irradiated High-Tc Superconductor Metamaterial Lesueur


Electronic SC Devices 2
Th-AM-6-1 4415149 40-GHz-Bandwidth Heterodyne Detection Of Terahertz-Waves By Waveguide-Input Fermi-Level Managed Barrier Diode Module Ito
Th-AM-6-2 4423385 Numerical Study On Oscillation And Domain Formation In Series-Connected Resonant Tunneling Diodes Yasuda
Th-AM-6-3 4458706 Terahertz Emission From An Asymmetric Dual-Grating-Gate InGaAs High-Electron-Mobility Transistor Stimulated By Plasmonic Boom Instability Hosotani
Th-AM-6-4 4457897 Realizing Asymmetric Boundary Conditions For Plasmonic THz Wave Generation In HEMTs Barut
Th-AM-6-5 4459156 A New Approach To Achieve Gunn Effect For GaN Based THz Sources With High Power Hajo



Imaging 2
Th-PM1-1-1 4458559 Terahertz Spatial Light Modulator Based On An Electrostatically Tunable Array Of Large Micromirrors Kappa
Th-PM1-1-2 4416650 Towards Real-time THz Imaging With Single-pixel Detectors Stantchev
Th-PM1-1-3 4427753 THz Multi-Layer Imaging Via Nonlinear Inverse Scattering Bose
Th-PM1-1-4 4460333 Handheld Telecentric THz-TDS Scanner Using Custom F-θ Optics For Imaging Applications In Clinical Settings And Non-destructive Testing Arbab
Th-PM1-1-5 4457102 Terahertz Subwavelength Resolution Imaging By Sampling Spatial Spectrum Huang
Th-PM1-1-6 4459906 How To Spare The Phase Modulator In Fast-sweeping Coherent Cw THz Systems Liebermeister
Th-PM1-1-7 4433892 Detection Of Objects Beyond Horizon Line Using Terahertz Surface Plasmons Gerasimov


Solid State 5
Th-PM1-2-1 4460182 Near-field THz Detection Of Phonon-polariton Modes In Thin Flakes Of Topological Insulator Materials: Bi2Se3 And Bi(Te1-x Sex)3 POGNA
Th-PM1-2-2 4458328 Direct Comparison Between Multi-Dimensional Terahertz Vibrational Spectroscopies Knighton
Th-PM1-2-3 4457434 Deriving Elastic Parameters From Lattice Vibrations In Copper (II) Acetylacetonate Dampf
Th-PM1-2-4 4457444 Quantitative Analysis Of Minium And Vermilion Mixtures Using Low-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy Kleist
Th-PM1-2-5 4457596 Quantum And Classical Contributions To Spontaneous Scattering By Terahertz Phonon Polaritons At Cryogenic Temperatures Novikova
Th-PM1-2-6 4459972 Terahertz Vibrational Motions Dictate And Drive The Properties Of Advanced Materials Ruggiero


THz waveguides 1
Th-PM1-3-1 4457884 Evolution From Air-Cladded To Effective-Medium-Cladded Dielectric Waveguides Gao
Th-PM1-3-2 4416719 Integrated Luneburg And Maxwell Fisheye Lenses For The Terahertz Range Headland
Th-PM1-3-3 4432493 Leaky Wave Antenna At 300 GHz In Silicon Micromachined Waveguide Technology Dancila
Th-PM1-3-4 4433738 Spectroscopic Characterization Of 3D Printed THz Rectangular Polymer Waveguides Liu
Th-PM1-3-5 4459715 Fabrication Of Devices And Antennas For Millimeter-Wave And Terahertz Systems lee
Th-PM1-3-6 4424399 Anomalous Blue-shift Of Terahertz Whispering-gallery Modes Vogt
Th-PM1-3-7 4458522 Micro Helical Antenna Made From Biological Algae Spirulina Notake


Nano-quantum devices 2
Th-PM1-3-1 4459234 Magneto-transport Of 2DEGs Ultrastrongly Coupled To Vacuum Fields Appugliese
Th-PM1-3-2 4456717 Plasmonic Nonlinearity In GaAs/In0.20Ga0.80As Core/shell Nanowires Rana
Th-PM1-3-3 4432189 An Ultrafast Semiconducting Nanowire THz Polarization Modulator Damry
Th-PM1-3-4 4459262 Enhanced Performance Of InAsP Nanowires With Ultra-thin Passivation Layer Adeyemo
Th-PM1-3-5 4461150 THz Absorption In Graphene Quantum Dots Massabeau
Th-PM1-3-6 4459603 Preparation Of The Quantum Correlated Optical-Terahertz Biphotons Kuznetsov
Th-PM1-3-7 4458752 Pump - Probe THz Spectroscopy Study Of Electronic Properties Of Semiconductor Nanowires Fotev


Metamaterials 6
Th-PM1-5-1 4460314 Optically Tunable All-Dielectric Broadband Terahertz Metamaterial Perfect Absorber Zhao
Th-PM1-5-2 4456715 Terahertz Broadband Independent Electrically Tuned Phase-shifter Based On Metamaterial With Mutual-coupling Magnetic Resonance Song
Th-PM1-5-3 4459967 Optical Reconfigurable Terahertz Devices Using Phase Change Materials Pinaud
Th-PM1-5-4 4459295 Demonstration Of Ultrafast THz Absorption Modulation In A Graphene-Based Thin Absorber Koulouklidis
Th-PM1-5-5 4433785 THz-induced Insulator-to-Metal Transition In Stacked VO2 Nano-slits Kang
Th-PM1-5-6 4427969 Electrically Tunable Graphene Metasurface For Multiband Superabsorption And Terahertz Sensing Islam
Th-PM1-5-7 4432232 Switching Of Optical Properties Of Ge2Sb2Te5 Phase Change Material In Terahertz Frequency Region Makino


Th-PM1-6-1 4429478 Enhanced Spintronic Terahertz Emission In W/CoFeB Heterostructures Through Annealing Effect Gao
Th-PM1-6-2 4459860 Role Of Magnetic Field In THz Emission From A Spintronic Source Shorrock
Th-PM1-6-3 4433073 Impact Of Pump Wavelength On Terahertz Emission Of A Cavity-Enhanced Spintronic Trilayer Herapath
Th-PM1-6-4 4429041 Effect Of DC Electric Field On Emitted THz Signal For Antenna-Coupled Spintronics Emitter Nandi
Th-PM1-6-5 4458545 Emission Properties Of Structured Spintronic Terahertz Emitters Rathje
Th-PM1-6-6 4458106 Spintronic THz Generation Using A Silicon-based Fe/Pt Bilayer As The Radiation Source Mag-usara
Th-PM1-6-7 4422833 Photonic Structure Enhanced Spintronic Terahertz Emitter Feng



Imaging 3
Th-PM2-1-1 4455638 Imaging Of Thick Objects Using Silicon Bessel Zone Plates At 0.6 THz Minkevicius
Th-PM2-1-2 4429644 High Resolution Lensless THz Imaging With An Ultrafast TDS System  Damyanov
Th-PM2-1-3 4457506 Multi-Level Diffractive Lenses For Real-Time Long-Wave IR Imaging Banerji
Th-PM2-1-4 4421562 Terahertz Deep Learning Computed Tomography Hung
Th-PM2-1-5 4431984 Sub-millimeter Spatial Resolution Terahertz Computed Tomography System Based On Differential Pulse Delay Method Wu
Th-PM2-1-6 4459081 Characterizing Depth Resolution And Range Of A Swept-source THz OCT Tokizane


Solid State 6
Th-PM2-2-1 4431946 Coherent Coupled-mode Phonon Emission In A Photoexcited Charge-density-wave System Thomson
Th-PM2-2-2 4460020 Relaxation Times Of Arsenic Excited Donor States In Germanium Pavlov
Th-PM2-2-3 4429704 Terahertz Spectroscopy On Myoglobin: Boson Peak And Fracton Mori
Th-PM2-2-4 4431837 Longitudinal Optical Phonon Resonating Dipole Radiation From Metal- Semiconductor Composite Structures And Quantum Interference Ishitani
Th-PM2-2-5 4433786 Towards A General Rule Guiding THz Mode Assignment In Molecular Crystals ZHANG
Th-PM2-2-6 4444352 THz Surface Phonon Polariton Generation In GaP Photonic Waveguide Beck
Th-PM2-2-7 4446634 Simulation And Assignment Of The Terahertz Spectra Of Enalapril Maleate Cocrystal Polymorphs Davis


THz waveguides 2
Th-PM2-3-1 4425336 Silicon Gradient Refractive Index Lens For Millimeter Wave Radiometers Pursula
THz Cavity Based On Confined Tamm Modes Messelot
Th-PM2-3-3 4459590 Single Zone Fresnel Dielectric Plate Antenna Hakhoumian
Th-PM2-3-4 4450035 Radiation Pattern Measurements Of A Silicon-lens Horn Antenna Froberger
Th-PM2-3-5 4460011 A Broadband Polarization-rotating Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna For Improved Far-field Properties Of Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers Senica
Th-PM2-3-6 4458553 Terahertz Helical Antenna Based On Celery Stalks Ponseca


Instrum. Biology 2
Th-PM2-3-1 4455085 Terahertz-Conductivity In Biological Nanowire-Networks Neu
Th-PM2-3-2 4415526 Identifying Endogenous Biomarker In Renal Fibrosis By Terahertz Spectroscopy Peng
Th-PM2-3-3 4455206 Comparison Between Effective Medium Theory Models For Biological Tissues In The THz Range Hernandez Cardoso
Th-PM2-3-4 4461178 Controlled Hydration In Epidermal Ridges Probed By THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Yum
Th-PM2-3-5 4459847 Optical Properties Of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Terahertz Region Aytekin
Th-PM2-3-6 4428465 Probing Living Cells Permeabilization Dynamics By Terahertz Attenuated Total Reflectance. Gallot


Th-PM2-5-1 4458349 Infrared And THz At The National Synchrotron Light Source II Carr
Th-PM2-5-2 4430828
Coherency And Monochromaticity Of The Terahertz NovoFEL Kubarev
Th-PM2-5-3 4457637 Electron-doped SiGe Quantum Well Terahertz Emitters Pumped By FEL Pulses Ciano
Th-PM2-5-4 4457981 Spatio-temporal Analysis Of Terahertz Electric Field Of Coherent Transition Radiation Kan
Th-PM2-5-5 4460224 Terahertz Coherent Synchrotron Radiation: Ultrafast Characterization And Control At Synchrotron SOLEIL Evain


Near-field 2
Th-PM2-6-1 4456376 Difference Mid-IR Nanospectroscopy On Individual Patches Of Purple Membranes: The Proton Pump Activity Of Bacteriorhodopsin at The Nanoscale Giliberti
Characterization Of Thin Film Materials Using Near Field THz Imaging. Amirkhan
Th-PM2-6-3 4459866 Probe-Sample Interaction In Aperture-type THz Near-Field Microscopy Of Complementary Resonators Hale
Th-PM2-6-4 4460112 Non-invasive Local (photo)conductivity Measurements Of Metallic And semiconductor Nanowires In The Near-field van Hoof
Th-PM2-6-5 4460173 Efficiency Enhancement Of Scattering Near-Field Probes Siday
Th-PM2-6-6 4459588 THz Near-field Inspection Of Metamaterials For Bio-sensing Applications Featuring Single-resonator Read-out Capability Michalski


       FRIDAY 6 September       



Instrum. astro 2
Fr-AM-1-1 4426758 Demonstration Of A Frequency-Agile Quantum Well Based THz Heterodyne Detector Sherwin
Fr-AM-1-2 4448789 Comprehensive Description Of Sideband Ratio Of 2SB SIS Receiver Khudchenko
Fr-AM-1-3 4433827 Wideband Sub-mm Wave Superconducting Integrated Filter-bank Spectrometer Pascual Laguna
Fr-AM-1-4 4456510 Highly Sensitive And Compact THz Heterodyne Receiver Based On HEB And QCL At 2.7 THz Joint
Fr-AM-1-5 4459435 Scanning Lens Phased Array For Submillimeter Wavelengths Bosma
Fr-AM-1-6 4456817 Terahertz Schottky Mixers For Atmospheric And Planetary Sciences Maestrini


Defense and Security
Fr-AM-2-1 4412295 Terahertz Tag Identifiable Through Shielding Material Mitsuhashi
Fr-AM-2-2 4459535 Terahertz Information Tag System With Over-100-bit/s Reading Speed Nagatsuma
Fr-AM-2-3 4427912 SAR Imaging Using Coprime Measurements At Millimeter Wave Band Zhu
Fr-AM-2-4 4459561 Security Screening System Based On Spectral Detection Of Gas Molecules By Tunable Terahertz-wave Nawata
Fr-AM-2-5 4430826 Fast Equivalent Monostatic Imaging Algorithm Of A Standoff MIMO Screening System At Terahertz Band Gao
Fr-AM-2-6 4432825 Enhanced THz Tags Authentication Using Principal Components Analysis Bonnefoy


Fr-AM-3-1 4432088 Ultra-Compact Micromachined Beam-Steering Antenna Front-End For High-Resolution Sub-Terahertz Radar Shah
Fr-AM-3-2 4422715 Amplitude-modulated Continuous-wave Radar In The Terahertz Band Using A Resonant-tunneling-diode Oscillator Dobroiu
Fr-AM-3-3 4460104 A Novel Airborne Microwave Sounder Radiometer (HYMS) Auriacombe
Fr-AM-3-4 4460062 Engineering Qualification Model (EQM) Front-End Receivers For The Microwave Imager And Microwave Sounder Instruments Onboard MetOp-SG Satellites Auriacombe
Fr-AM-3-5 4459274 Signal To Noise Ratio Budget Of A Pico-Seconds Pulsed Radar System For Stand-Off Imaging Fiorellini Bernardis
Fr-AM-3-6 4422729 Accurate Terahertz Three-dimensional Subsurface Imaging By Range Points Migration Method Matsui


THz detectors 2
Fr-AM-4-1 4431801 Carbon Nanotube Film Terahertz Detectors With Multiple PN Junctions Utaki
Fr-AM-4-2 4427261 Terahertz Detectors Based On Plasmonic Excitations in Double CdTe/CdMgTe Quantum Wells Yavorskiy
Fr-AM-4-3 4458833 The Optical Absorption Properties Of Metallic Gratings/GaAs-based Blocked Impurity Band (BIB) Hybrid Structure Detector Chen
Fr-AM-4-4 4460298 THz Plasmon Resonance Absorption In CVD Graphene For Photodetection Applications Titova
Fr-AM-4-5 4459951 THz Detectors Based On Electromechanical Meta-atoms Calabrese
Fr-AM-4-6 4458448 Fabrication Of Electro-Optic Polymer Waveguide Devices For Continuous-Wave Terahertz Detection Kaji


Fr-AM-5-1 4458430 Real-time Terahertz Waveform Measurement By Using Relativistic Electron Streak Camera Baek
Fr-AM-5-2 4431834 Upgrade Projects Of Mid-Infrared Free Electron Laser At Kyoto University For High Peak Power And Ultra-short Pulse Operation Zen
Fr-AM-5-3 4457750 Observation Of The Electron Cyclotron Emission With Vortex Property In Millimeter Wave Regime Goto
Fr-AM-5-4 4433386 THz-driven Bunch Compression And Timing Stabilization Of A Relativistic Electron Beam Snively
Fr-AM-5-5 4429672 Pulse And Field-resolved Photon Diagnostics At A Superradiant THz User Facility Chen
Fr-AM-5-6 4430561 Powerful Long-pulse THz-band Bragg FEL Based On Linear Induction Accelerator Arzhannikov
Fr-AM-5-7 4427113 Magnetic Field Measurement And Shimming Of Undulator For Terahertz Super-radiation Source Yan


Biomedical imaging
Fr-AM-6-1 4459270 Infrared Nanoscopy Of Alive Biological Cells Keilmann
Fr-AM-6-2 4460324 Development Of A THz-TDS Scanner For Topographic Corneal Imaging Virk
Fr-AM-6-3 4459959 Evaluation Of The Psychoemotional Human State Via Terahertz Image Of The Face Ozheredov
Fr-AM-6-4 4460305 Substrate-enhanced THz Nanoscopic Recognition Of Single Bacteria Schäffer
Fr-AM-6-5 4416506 Relating Nanoparticle Geometry And Terahertz Reflectivity Lawler
Fr-AM-6-6 4434437 Stretchable Terahertz Imagers For Wearable Bio-monitoring Applications Tokumoto



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