Topics of the IRMMW-THz 2019 conference include:

  1. Astronomy and Environmental Science
  2. Applications in Biology and Medicine
  3. Applications in Security and Defense
  4. Applications in Industry
  5. Spectroscopy and Material Properties
  6. Protein Dynamics and Molecular Spectroscopy
  7. Spectroscopy of Gases, Liquids, and Solids
  8. Sources, Detectors, and Receivers
  9. Imaging and Remote Sensing
  10. Modeling and Analysis Techniques
  11. Metamaterial Structures and Applications
  12. Devices, Components, and Systems
  13. R&D, Future Applications, and Market Directions
  14. High-Field THz Wave Generation and Nonlinear THz Physics
  15. Frequency and Time Domain Instruments
  16. MMW systems, Transmission Lines and Antennas
  17. MMW and Sub-millimeter Wave Radar and Communications
  18. Ultra High Speed MMW Digital Devices
  19. Laser Driven THz Sources
  20. Quantum Cascade Lasers
  21. Gyro-Oscillators and Amplifiers
  22. Free Electron Lasers and Synchrotron Radiation
  23. Planetary and Earth Science Applications
  24. Applications in Art Conservation studies
  25. Ultrafast Measurements
  26. Plasma Diagnostics
  27. Metrology